Need a gratuitous financial aid

I'm just a guy 35 years from Elektrostal who incredibly embarrassed that he can not solve their problems, but this message is a cry from the heart for help. Honest work, but after a divorce 5 years ago, there was a question of housing and began to build the house taking a small loan and after work began to build a house with his hands.

Two years ago, an acquaintance asked me to help him take out a loan of 400,000 said that he will pay it but I probably trust people too pay himself and a friend gone. At work for 5 years and a lot has changed me now physically do not have enough money to pay alimony and loans and find second jobs is not possible to work in the evenings in Yandex taxi does not help.

Total debt to banks 600,000 ... Yesterday I received an advance, and he ran out of tighter to repay loans. Monthly payment on loans about 35,000 pay about 3 years. I would though, would be a third of these loans close then we can try to live and not to survive. If anyone can help free'll be glad of any help. God bless you.

If you have any questions please contact Map 676280388323775780 again forgive forgiveness for treatment and many thanks to those who respond.

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