Need help paying for loans

Hello! My name is Elena! That's what happened to me: I threw the young man with the money, but rather on loans (forced them to take over, promised that we will have a common business, which he pulled over and walked out of my life), did not help at all. What to do now, I do not know.

I had to work a lot, to work informally and practically for little money, because the search for the money needed somewhere. Parents do not understand me. To all I have epilepsy. Most likely it will be the end of life. I do not know if I might be arranged for other work and solve the problem with all of this.

We need now to find money for a lawyer. I ask at least 100,000 rubles. Loan amount is very large. To everything there is a confirmation. I beg your help. And I will pray for you, how can repay. God from you in a difficult situation, too, will not turn away! My card 4,627,034,312,305,075 . I beg your help, please! Do not turn away from me! I do not know who to turn to anymore! Thanks a lot in advance.

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