Need money

Hello! Here is my story. My name is Oksana, I am 46 years, I worked honestly all his life a teacher, educator, cleaning lady, ie where there was nado.U I have 6 children, her husband of 35 years working at ZIL, and now has become necessary to nobody. He is certainly looking for a job, but he has health problems and is difficult to find a job (vision-12).

While the children were small, they borrowed on the refrigerator, washing machine, on a small car to vozit.Tak on mugs and did not notice that the loans had accumulated more than 300 thousand. Of course we pay. The eldest son works, helps, but this is not enough. Son is finishing Grade 9 again need money for prom, and so on forever.

Huge please, if anyone can help gain amount to a little more to cover the debt, I will be grateful to reward you. Every ruble important savings bank card 4276 3800 1849 1220. Thank you in advance!

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