Photography is my passion

My name is Artem. I, like many present here, need financial assistance. I do not need to buy a car, repay a loan, pay for housing, etc. (I have a slightly different reason about which I will explain below.) I am fond of photography: the first acquaintance began in early childhood - I disassembled it, and then, with the help of my father, of course, Fet collected it.

The first own camera, Change 8m, I was bought after a good for the fact that I secretly took Dad Zenit ET and almost completely spoiled my father's small stock of film. Of the 4 coils, only two clear frames were obtained, worthy of attention, when Dad bought me the Smena and began to tell what he knew himself. go to the photo circle, but ... furthermore oval collapse of the Union, the closure of the circles (the nearest photo circle was far away and was paid), the prosperity of instant development and printing (which all spoiled ...).

In the beloved "Schoolboy", reagents disappeared, the favorite black and white film replaced the color "Kodak" (I could not with her to work and no one to study) So my hobby blocked the realities of life After many years on one of the sunny days we got out with a brigade on the roof of the high-rises to have lunch, I could not have lunch ...

I admired the azure sky with scraps of clouds, I hovered among them, I am fascinated al town at the bottom, and I remembered the "Change" ... This outing on the roof of the verdict rendered my salary, which I pulled on my first digital camera «Pentax E20». It was a soap dish, but very good. Since at that time the work took up 90% of the free time, I almost did not take pictures.

After a few more years, I accidentally went to the electronics store and saw Him - the Nikon D5100. Then before my eyes swept away those distant youthful years, the magazines "Photo" for the 80th year, our father and the dream of Nikon .... Forgetting about everything in the world, rooted long ago in me passion for photography, I scraped everything out of my wallet, got a little on credit and bought Him.

The first two years I photographed mostly the family, and then in automatic mode, but then I fixed the "M" position and switched off the autofocus. And from the spring of the 14th I did not part with Him, and even then the work allowed me to do a lot of photography. I came to the facilities at six, and even at five in the morning and before the start of the working day, I could climb around as much as I wanted.

In 15th year I got into an accident and lost my means of transportation, which somewhat reduced the number of pictures ... Photography is my passion. I want to move on, but it's an expensive pleasure, which I want to see as a matter of my life. And for this there is not enough finance. It is unlikely that someone will fully fund me as a photographer, it is quite possible that this will not bring material income - only moral satisfaction.

But, perhaps, this someone will be able to help in buying equipment of a higher level than I have now: a camera, lens, tripod flash and other important trifles. The price of the issue is approximately 300 tons. My works can be viewed here Yandex wallet - 4100160677857.

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