Please help in closing the loan and continue to live with their modest means

Hello! My name is Darya! I am from Sochi, live in the village of Lazarevskoye, 40 km from the city. Work, get paid, we decided to take the car and then on the business and the business was in the red. The car as collateral given and can not now fully repay and collateral for the car and a bank loan, and even credit card debts. The sum of the debt is 1000000 rubles.

I went on maternity leave and the amount of the allowance is only the amount of the loan repayment to the bank. Her husband works on all debts to repay the amount is not enough, not to mention the food. And the child's parents have helped me. Please help close the debts and breathe a little more freely. Map Savings Bank 5469 3001 5275 3072.

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