Really need financial assistance for rehabilitation after a severe stroke a young man

Good people, appeal to all! From Novosibirsk May 2, 2018 in my hometown younger brother, Dmitry had a stroke. He is 27 years old. Stroke complicated, difficult character - a blood clot in the brain stem. He is not operable, touched a very important part of the brain responsible for breathing, swallowing, chewing, speech, movement, and doctors are not at risk. Life threatening.

To date (06/28/2018), he is still in the hospital. Runs rehabilitation of breath, learn to breathe on their own. Dima conscious. Hears, he sees us. Emotional response - crying. To say nothing can! He is now completely immobilized. She can turn her head slightly to the left to the back and slightly to the right.

After the transfer from the intensive care department, we will have a week to further define it. It needs a long, powerful and expensive rehabilitation. We have a lot of that considered in Germany, Bulgaria, Israel ... But there is one on rehabilitation Dima is very, very expensive! long rehabilitation period, year.

We chose a rehabilitation center in Moscow, "Three Sisters" httrs: // There is recovering in a complex: working with a speech therapist (speech recovery, production of sounds), physical therapy, massage, physical therapy, occupational therapy, work psychologist and a lot else. Work at least 6 hours a day and every day. At night per Dima was only 18,200 rubles.

Required to be accompanying it (relative), with which it will be 24 hours a day. For the accompanying 3000 rubles. per day. + Travel expenses (tickets) Total per year Dima: 6.643 million rubles. cover the face in the year: 1095000 rub. Total amount of approximately 7750000 rubles. perhaps a bit more, given the tickets.

Dima need a complete restoration of lost functions. If we take the center of the state, there is only the passage of 21 days and sent home. In this case, sending home is Living out his days, not an option. A young guy, want to return to a normal life. We grasp at all sorts of options. The guy he's a cheerful, active, sociable!

Working in the sports complex "Zarya" of Novosibirsk, instructor. Graduated SibGufk on weightlifting with honors. He engaged in weightlifting sport and gave great hope. But fate so ordered that in 20 years he was discovered by a congenital heart defect during medical examination at the Russian Championship for the implementation of standard master of sports.

And at 21 he was operated on heart (artificial valve in the heart). At this his career ended and he finished magistracy on the coach. I do not want to leave the sport. All 5 years lived on blood thinners, blood clots, but deep regret it happened. For our family, for the family it is a blow.

We call on you to help people. Who has any feasible opportunity, we welcome any financial assistance will be happy and grateful to the dissemination of this information! Our details for the transfer of financial assistance:

1) Sber. Map 4276 8440 1344 0516 Evgenia Sharamok (sister Dmitry).

2) Sber. Map 6390 0244 9006 0836 14 Tatiana Maruschak (Dmitri female)

3) QIWI Wallet +7 913 953 42 42 4) WebMoney Purse WMID: 399221688225. All data on documentation about the reports you'll find in the "Discussions" PS thank you for any response!

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