Rich millionaires who give out money

Rich millionaires who give out moneyI'm sure many of you have at least once in their lives found themselves in a difficult situation from which it is impossible to cope on their own. Urgently needed money for surgery, treatment, business - the problems may be different, but the decision seems not always obvious.

And when to borrow from relatives and friends can not, the banks denied credit issue, you can try to ask rich people grant aid money.

How can it be obtained? Are there rich millionaires in Russia and other countries that are just handing out money to needy?

Things are not so simple, however, the chance of getting the desired amount is still there, and now we'll show you how you can find a sponsor.

What are my options for getting money?

In the event that you are having financial problems, there are several options to deal with them:

    • The first thing that comes to mind - to find an additional source of income, part time . But not always, family circumstances, health, education, city of residence permit.
    • Next - to try to borrow from friends or relatives. In this case, not all there are such close friends that own a large amount of free for its borrowing. Besides, sooner or later it will have to give.
    • Then - in the treatment of the banking organization , but those require you to pledge, guarantors, a bunch of certificates from work. Overpayment here will be significant, especially if money is needed urgently (up to 35-40% per annum). In addition, your credit history should be clean, if not - you will be denied.
    • If your credit history ruined and there is no formal employment, citizenship, residence, you can visit the microfinance companies . Here you will be on your passport will give a loan of around 50 million, however, and the percentage of it will be rather big - up to 2% per day.
    • In that case, if there is a property, you can try to sell it to a pawnshop or mortgage, the interest will be more loyal than the MFI.

If all of these options do not fit, people start to look for other ways of getting money. They asked friends, looking at social networks, and so, in Intnernete they may stumble upon ads request to provide free assistance to people in need. How does this happen?

Rich, money to help in a difficult situation

Today, there are many of our fellow citizens who are in need of financial aid for a variety of reasons. And if they have no one to turn to, they put their ads on specific sites in the hope that they will pay attention to the millionaires, for which we ask for the amount to be a trifle, but for someone - a real salvation.

Indeed, for someone in the amount of 100,000 rubles it seems small, many people get a lot more in the past month, and can afford to spend it on charity. But for someone such amount seems excessive, because it is necessary to collect a few months and the target may be urgent - payment of treatment, buy food, pay utility services, etc.

How to find sponsors? To do this, place your call for help to all the available Internet resources, the more of them, the better your chances that at the request of someone responds.

What are these sites? These are special Internet sites where anyone can completely free to place your request for help. Among the most popular are:


What is the essence of their work?

Anyone who needs sponsorship, can register here and leave your request. In it, he describes in great detail what happened in his life, why he can not cope with this situation, how much money he needed to resolve the difficulties.

The declaration necessarily prescribed:

  • a brief description of your problem,
  • contact and personal information asking to him can easily contact and make sure that his situation is real.
  • In addition, there is bound spells out the details, which you can make a transfer - cards, bank accounts, e-wallets,
  • if possible on the site, can be applied to recording images of the hospital reports, statements, etc.

After the publication of his call for help, the author can only wait to rich people to pay attention to his letter. And this is very difficult, because these letters tens and hundreds, and each contains a real problem.

Please note that you need to use only sites where registration and listing is free. If you ask for money, even symbolic 50-100 rubles for access to supposedly secret base rich millionaires data immediately pass by, because this is - scam artists who are trying to cash in on someone else's grief.

It does really help?

Hard to believe that someone can unselfishly giving away your money to any interested person, as millions do not just happen, they are making serious skills and great difficulty. So, just hope that the millionaire goes to one of these sites and send you money, quite naively.

It is quite another thing - special funds , through which rich people are engaged in charity. They list on their donations in the form of a considerable sum, but funds have representatives decide who and what to use this money.

How to break through? It's simple - you need to find a fund in your city \ region \ country, which deals precisely your problem.

Most of these organizations have a clear line of work - with children, homeless, sick with cancer, young families, lone mothers, etc. Finding their contacts, try to call them on the phone, contact e-mail or personally visit their office to find out what kind of assistance they can provide to you.

If your problem was, then it must pay attention and help either themselves or blow your rich people, who can give you free money.

I do not have the necessary money to spend next month

I bring up a daughter, her 5 years - a wonderful, cheerful child who does not yet know all the difficulties of life. I want her to have more child and she did not need at least in the elementary, toys, etc. Alain loves to do gymnastics and wants to go to a sports club.
Often asks, "Daddy when you've already zapishesh, I want to do as the other children, please, write me, I'll be the best gymnast!". I do not need money to survive the next month. Recently moved to another city, the work can not be found, I got a penny, which is not even enough for the necessary. I had to take a little, can not imagine how I would give.
A year ago my wife died in a car accident and life has begun a black stripe. Please help, but who can, for the sake of my daughter do a good deed! card number (savings bank): 5469 6400 1045 1140.

10.09.2018 12:53:35

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