The last hope for help

1. The last hope of rescue. I live with my family in the city of Tomsk, Bright village. The 1 room apartment in the mortgage taken in December 2015. And in February we came second daughter. Husband worked, I got a baby of 6 TR and we lacked a little. Her husband took the car on credit, as children without their vehicles in any way, well before he had loans.

I already 1.5 years do not get child benefit, as the husband could have pulled, salaries dropped, gone past due loans was just enough for a mortgage 17t.r. and so on 5-pocket expenses, and in November 2017 it dismissed altogether. And we are left without any means of livelihood. Accordingly, the delay of the loan and the rent began to grow like a snowball.

Find a normal job can not. 15-20 thousand to work makes no sense, we only have enough for one payment on the mortgage, and live on that? And the debts grew, not extinguish, garden, we still do not give. Now, if you could give us an interest-free loan in the amount of 2100000 rubles. We would all this be enough to repay the loans.

I'll be in March to go to work, and my husband something to find, and we would have paid with a clean slate in one hand. 2000000 for you not so much money, and for us to return to life. Mortgage already said if you do not pay this month to the court and put up for sale at auction, so we have two children go out into the street.

2. I do not like to ask for help from others, but it is necessary. I am a young mother, I'm 24 years old, I have two young sons, 2 years and 9 months. We live on the child allowance 7000 rubles, a 6-room communal apartment. I would like to ask for help from the wealthy for their children. In my room, from the furniture there is only a sofa, a bed and a computer desk, and I want to for the children was all.

I ask someone how many do not mind the money for the realization of their own and the children's dreams come true! Money barely enough to baby food, diapers and things. Please, I ask you, what people can help us. Mail, 89097331058 Kiwi purse Security card account 40817810549781597243 number.

 3. Hello. My name is Oleg. Just ask for help from caring people. I am 52 years, lost his job. In this age are reluctant to take the job. We live on a pension of his wife, she was 36 years old, disabled. Pension 11000 rubles. I would not ask if it were not for her daughter.

She is a healthy baby, only now was unwell: suspected pneumonia. Elementary, you can not buy medicines. In the hospital to go to expensive, so have to be treated at home. If someone will respond, the card details: 4779865320435594

4. My name is Julia, I am 31 year. I ask for financial assistance in the 300 TR My husband and I climbed in loans in connection with loss of work as my husband and me. And always want to eat and besides, it was necessary to pay the existing loans and communal. That scored microloans to repay loans.

I have no one but her husband's mother needs itself. At the moment I settled formally, but meager salaries, and we must live it. How, after all, the child can not explain that denezhek no bread, and why every five minutes, call the banks threatening. I beg, I beg you, help in the situation occurred.

I know that the blame themselves, but if you no longer have anyone to ask what to do, then remains one hope for people who are not indifferent and can somehow help. My tel. 89087450058 and mail, map BEAC 4276420016493024.

5.  Expensive time of day. Need any financial assistance. I was left alone with two children. Her husband was deported, he is a citizen of another state. With him I could not go on my loans with delinquency. We live in a rented apartment. My income is only enough to pay for it.

Not enough money even for meals for children in school. Collectors stifle calls and threats. Scared to leave children home after school. Please help. Indeed, in such a situation, it may be one.

 6. Good afternoon. My name is Olga. My story is not so tragic, as many here. But at the moment I'm alone I can not do it. I found myself without a job. Wages were not paid since mid-January. Constantly delayed payments. I believe the Chief, earlier there were no problems.

A number of 15 I wrote that I do not work anymore. A salary will be given a few days ago. More I could not contact the chief. All savings (not very big) went to the room payment. Now we come to the point that I can not go to the interview. I have no money to travel.

Go to work on the old specialty chef can not, because there is no money for sanitary book. I'm looking for a job within walking distance, but it turned out to be more complicated. Of food was a package of buckwheat and one onion. I ask for help, not because I'm lazy, who does not want to work. And because I am in despair. I will be grateful for any small. My card Savings Bank 4817 7601 2021 4584.

7. Good day! It found itself in a difficult situation, where all became dependent on not a very nice person. After her divorce from her husband, she was left with debts and credits. Send delay. I help a friend who is now demanding to cohabit with him, though, by an agreement, a duty to pay him on time, every month.

Due to past delinquencies, do not give credit. Good people, help, please, with him to settle, now began to threaten. I will be glad to any of your help. All peace and kindness and of course health. Map Savings Bank 676280519008821297.

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