Urgently need help for surgery and rehabilitation, help!

Help save a life! Urgent fundraising to pay for surgery and rehabilitation. Extra urgent fee - 1200000 rubles. Anatoly Tikhonov, 49 years old. Nizhny Tagil. This is my relative (father in law). The diagnosis: cancer of the left submandibular gland with invasion into the carotid artery.

To date, Anatoly cancer of the left submandibular gland with invasion into the carotid artery of stage IV without metastases in distant organs. He has already passed the 3 blocks of chemotherapy, there are still 3 units, but without surgery - a negative outlook. Urgent primary tumor removal the body in a specialized clinic Moscow.

Unfortunately, since the operation will involve three teams specialists (oncologists, neurosurgery and vascular surgery), the total amount of the operation is simply not lift for us. Alone earn that kind of money is simply not possible! We ask for help! Without you just can not cope!

Details for collection: Number of Sberbank card - 4276 1631 4836 8470. Recipient - Tikhonov Anatoly Viktorovich. Account number - 40817810116543309332 BIC - 046 577 674 Correspondent account - 30101810500000000674 INN Bank - 7707083893 Branch number 7003 PAT Sberbank Ekaterinburg. Bank card number VTB 24 - 5368 2900 0231 8311. Recipient - Tikhonov Andrey A. (son).

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