We need money to pay for micro-loans in MFIs

Good evening! My name is Victoria. I appeal to you for help, I was ashamed to ask, well, what do you do? We need money to pay for micro-loans to MFIs. I just closed, a circle of friends no money in banks do not give, because I have been working informally. To 29 the number of needed money, that would pay the debt.

I beg help not to be indifferent to the misfortunes of others. Need sum of 13,000 USD. My mail Viktoriapisarenko22@gmail.com. Map Privat Bank 5168742603732268. I would be grateful for your help, and thanks to read.

1. Hello, it is very difficult situations, who can help me and things son, or shoes. Really need to tell in detail all if respond. I have a sick mother, there is no opportunity to go to work, really forgive help. If there is a possibility that money, too, 5469560011876733. Everyone who responds many thanks, I think the world is good people.

God bless you, jiving not necessarily not a good life here writing. If necessary I can extract from the mother diagnosed with photograph.

2. Hello, I live in the city of Togliatti, Samara region. I am on the verge of despair, a lot of debt and pay nothing, used to work at the factory and received normally. He took a loan, then another, all paid on time. Then cut, got a new job. But the salary is much diminished.

No other work, got into micro finance, is now clutching his head, pay nothing. Child is sick, I go to a pharmacy can not, no money. Salaries have enough to pay for the garden and communal, and now I am pregnant and do not know how to be, how to pay, I ask help or assist me.

3. My name Rasul. I'll start from the beginning. Worked in good company, wanted to buy a car, he decided to take a loan approved. I bought a minivan to earn between watch, taksovat. With credit coped. It seems to have just started to drive, I hit problems. He collapsed office where I worked. Once a job has not turned out, I was looking for a good job, as always throw on the money, s / n is not paid.

A couple of times went to the north, we have not paid full wages, only the contract on your hands. I wrote to the prosecutor, to no avail. Then he began to work at a private trader, salaries are delayed, and the work was not permanent and do not go out, began to draw in the credit, he has failed. I had to sell the car, but close the loan was not enough money.

So years went. Already before the trial it came from the bank. This year seems a little money saved up to go to work in the north, the brother died suddenly. The money went to a funeral and others. Aid not ask where, relatives do not help. And ask to no avail. Earn in the village in any way. In such a well it turned out. I can not go to work. On the road, even nothing. 6761 9600 0463 213 612.

4. People cute, help, end last of his strength, not bearable pain. 9 transactions were done, I thought it was over already, but 5 years later everything was back. I have no such money and nowhere to take them. Children abandoned, fear of contracting, although the doctors explain that it does not move and is not contagious, it's just cancer.

I have no way out if selling the house will stay on the street. Help or email where you can you can still apply. I need 400,000 rubles. card number 405993064820505. pension I have 6700 rubles ,, salary postman 2800. At work, if they knew about the disease immediately fired.

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