With a pure soul

Kind time of the day! I understand that you can not pay attention to my letter. Maybe even you will find it not very important, but for each author, it seems that his situation is more important than all. Because of this I address with reliable that they will hear me. I write to you honestly, it turned out to be in a debt hole, and now I can not get out without someone else's help.

It all started in 2014, when I first borrowed a huge amount of money in order to open my business. A husband took, also a large loan amount. Everything went well, but when we had almost realized everything, we were very cruelly thrown, where only we did not go, where we just did not go, everything was useless. I got a job and had to get into debt again, and not just into debt, but at interest to pay off old debts.

That's how I borrowed from some to give to others, in short, a vicious circle. Wages are small, and still have to pay for the apartment, communal service and the garden. My husband left to work in another city. I stayed alone with the children. When my husband left, I felt very bad. Because I could not pay interest for one month and I was pressured even more. I can not take a loan, I'm on the black list.

I do not have a very good trait in character, do not tell anyone anything, keep everything in myself, and pretend that everything is fine. But in fact, I just eat myself from the inside. Several times I thought to put my hands on myself. Thoughts about children, relatives, and since I'm Muslim by nature, I can not do anything terrible with myself. I did not have any support, not moral, not psychological, not financial.

Half a month ago, I began to read namaz, not just, but as it should, 5 times a day. Not to get rid of all the difficulties after quitting, no, I was just beginning to fear the Almighty. I understand that the Almighty is testing me, and I must pass this test. Every day 5 times I pray that he will facilitate my trial, I ask forgiveness from him. Because He is the One, Forgiving.

At the moment, my biggest and only dream is to get rid of all debts and live the right way of the Almighty. Because we will all return to it. And I would like to return to him with a clean, loyal soul. I understand, no one will just give me money, because my debt is 1 million rubles. It's true, no one cheating. This is a big amount for me and for anyone I think.

But if you have the opportunity, help me at least some amount, then here's my purse Yandex money 410015887639580, as well as kiwi purse +77010359404, you can write to me on vatsap on the same number as kiwi wallet. I'm from Kazakhstan. If you help me, until the end of my days, I will do for you dua. Every single day, I will pray to Allah that you are happy. 

1. I am writing this appeal, but understand that the odds a little. My name is Nikolay Gurin, 37 years old, married and has two children (daughters). I work on the driver's career, I earn 27000 rubles. Wife 18000. It would seem a lot of money, but trust me, it's a penny. We live from paycheck to paycheck.

18400 mortgage, rent and light 9000, lunch at the school my daughter a month. 2400, the eldest daughter of college meals per month in 2500, I want to eat. And I would not say that we eat in style, the minimum required in the refrigerator. Took a mortgage, even the curtains on the windows, no, because there is nothing to buy. Thought, I grow up, parents will help, and it is necessary to ask more money from their parents.

My daughter enjoys dancing on the circle you have to pay, goes to art school, again Pay. Sometimes he asks, Dad, and that's why I do not have this and this? Answer difficult, however. In general, if there is such a person who wants to help my family, I will be grateful and appreciate. Karelia, Sortavala. My phone +79215253777. 

2. Did not in a very simple situation, worked as an accountant, began to arrest the salary, and then completely stopped paying after the new year. I am beginning to borrow from friends and acquaintances, but just a week ago, our department was closed and all fired without paying salary for nearly two months. I am 34 years old, live alone, the apartment rented.

Now also in debt in the amount of 70 million, helping me to not expect from anyone. I'm looking for a job, but debt repayment has not been canceled, help, whatever they may be, even 10 rubles is for me a lot of money. Map Savings 4276 8383 2637 7928 Thank you at least for the fact that just read my cry for help. 

3. Hello! I do not know if it helps, there are so many people who need help too. And if they help? Do I help? Everyone has their own problems. Who is interested in my? Of course, I'll tell you, and my story. I am an orphan whose parents are alive, each engaged in their lives. Guardian aunt was that somehow in some way and I did not give shelter and did what I do not get anything through guardianship.

All my life I lived with her, I went to a cheap or b / y things, and at age 18, when I refused to share the money with her, I was thrown into the street. I studied in my city, in another simply afraid to go, there was no support. Live, interrupting a penny for penny. No housing, no future in this city. Benefit into debt is not crawled.

I do not ask you a large sum, your $ 100 make me happy! Thank you for attention! My details: QIWI purse Yandex Money 4890494318270808 410015419970885 WebMoney Z299652741718 R108895001913 Sberbank 5469310015449313.

4. Mired in debt and loans. To repay a loan, he took another. Raising a daughter alone, she finishes Grade 11. Loans in September 2016 paid regularly. In October 2016, I broke my leg. 1.5 months stay at home, so I lost my job. A. Not made out of the workbook, did not wait. For a long recovery. Limp to this day.

Debt grew more. Lame take on the job is not wanted. Long search for work led to even more debt on loans and the people. Work with grief in half I have found over 20,000 tons. This money is enough for food and on the road and part of the rent. Banks sued me.

I have 40,000 in Alpha Bank. 69500 ​​Savings. 117000 Raiffeisen Bank. People 145000 t. I would be grateful of any sum. My card is blocked, there is the daughter card 4817760071563302. Thank you for your help.

5. I live on the street, worked in a coffee shop to go to school, the parents refused to say you're 18 years old, earn and live an independent life. Sometimes I had to leave, do not eat just does not matter what. Stealing is not taught, sometimes sometimes difficult to work and walk because there are no forces due to starvation.

And also to study, it is necessary to pass, at work and you have to charge the phone because it is simply nowhere, but the boss is strict, he flies into electricity. Help though, would be the first time to rent an apartment, it's cold at night. Help every penny, I will be very grateful. 4276420038369095 card number.

6. Need money forever. I lost my job and was left without a livelihood. I am divorced and have two children, the beautiful princess daughter, 5 and 7 years. The eldest goes to school in the first grade, but it's a huge waste and I can not afford right now. Children must be fed, and this is now a problem. I am currently looking for a new job, but the problem is that I live in the village.

Buses to the nearest town do not go. And in this context, it is very difficult to find a job, so it was convenient to travel and be with the kids in the evenings. I never thought that comes to this, that you have to ask for money. But I now have quite a desperate situation. I really hope that someone will respond and help!

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