Helping people

Our family asks for help from not indifferent people we need to build annexe to the house we have 9 people mom, dad, six children and grandmother of Labor veteran does not need the state, on 36 meters. Yutimsya awful. Help a family with many children 6 children. Needy. We are not drug addicts or alcoholics, not lazy and just do not have enough money themselves to improve their living conditions.

Hello! Very uncomfortable to ask for help, but there is no choice. I got into a very difficult situation. I beg for help. Mired in debt. I can not get out, but still linked bolshe.Na work very difficult situation. A single mother of a son. The child is still small in the first class went.

I - mother of many children of five children, with great hope, I address to you for help! We live in the Republic of Bashkortostan with Krasnokamsky district. Kuyanovo lane. New house 54. In 2015, in order to improve and enhance the living conditions for their children, we decided to build a big house. We bought a plot of land.

Hello! We all want to get rich, right? Otherwise would not go to these sites. I also want and I know how to do it. And I also know how to make you rich too. The easiest way to get "free" money is to participate in the lottery. But we do not have honest lotteries in Russia, it has long been known.
So I want to create the first in the country fair, transparent online lottery. How will it all look like?

Hello, my name is Natalia live alone with a small child, her husband left her for another leaving me with debts and does not work, please help repay the debt in the amount of 300 million rubles. Banks do not give loans out - for mortgages, would I myself was able to pay, but temporarily can not yet because'm just enough to pay off the mortgage and food on maternity leave and money.

Please help, I do not know how to continue to be. Hello, my name is Ekaterina, I '53. I am ashamed and embarrassed to write this message for help in money. This situation forces. I hope for your compassion and care. I worked for 35 years and did not think that you have to ask.

I invite you to an urgent mutually beneficial cooperation. Your attachment to the increase in the return of 1.5 - 2 times within six months. Urgent buy at a low price of land in the Volga River (10 km. From the town of Uglich, Yaroslavl region). Necessary 10 million. Rubles. Grymzin Nicholas A., 61, a lawyer, Elektrostal, Moscow region.

Good day, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich and all who reads this appeal, my name is Boris. I live in the city Kodinsk, Kezhemsky District Krasnoyarsk Krai. The problem I started in 2012, when PI closed. It's not gone, not cost-effective in our town, and the banks refused further assistance since already addressed and credit purchasing equipment.

In 1987 he participated in the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident. Now I am 56 years old. Became sick stomach, heart and joints. And still want to live. Granddaughter want to school to prepare an excellent student. A very clever girl. In four years, we had already read, we solve the problem in the first class, I teach her to play the piano.

Good people! I ask you to respond to a request for help! Please help our fellow countryman Dmitry Fakeevu who was in intensive care with head injury. Has already been carried out is an expensive operation in Moscow, after which he fell into a coma.

My dear, I beg you to help my mom, Faith Vlasova Alekseevne 1956 because she had problems with joints and she needed surgery on both legs. I want all the forces and try to help her, but I can not financially. I have a young son and a removable flat.

My name is Artem. I, like many present here, need financial assistance. I do not need to buy a car, repay a loan, pay for housing, etc. (I have a slightly different reason about which I will explain below.) I am fond of photography: the first acquaintance began in early childhood

Urgently! Good people ask you to help me, my name is Hope, who lives in Moscow. Inconvenient to contact you, but I no longer turn to. Everything was good, stable income, have an apartment in the mortgage, pay all properly, but as always, the circumstances are such that they are in financial difficulties.

Please help in the repayment of loans. At the moment, we have a difficult situation, I do not work, only the husband and his entire salary goes to the credit and do not even have hanging a large debt I have received calls from the bank every day

Was a happy family, the father let my mother did not work, he provided the family. But his father left the family. I became a family to provide. Once he married. While she was on maternity leave her husband lost his job. I lived only for the salary of my mother.

Hello, my name is Igor Ignatov, I am an invalid of the first group, my hands and feet do not work, I write with my chin. I was born in 1997.

He was brought up by his mother and grandmother, my father refused me, as soon as he found out that I was disabled, it happened about the first year of my life.

Good morning. My story is banal, like many people in our country. I got into the financial hole. It all started with credit cards, then loss of a job, can not pay, and away we go, one loan to pay off your credit card, then the micro loan to pay the monthly payment on the loan.

ABOUT US Hello! Kind people! Help me please! For the sake of all Saint, I ask help for the sake of children! I practically bring up children. I really want to believe in kind people! I do not know if they will help, but decided to write! I beg you not to condemn!

Hello! Congratulations to all a Happy New Year! Let it be all the happier for leaving. And where else, if not for the New Year to talk about dreams ?! In fact the site seems to be dedicated to this topic? But too sad here posts.

My problems are related to alcohol and the attendant consequences of this problem. In particular I unbearable loan hanging, but no longer have the opportunity to pay more for it. I'm from Novosibirsk. I arrived in Moscow to find work that would allow me to service the debt.

Fundraising for surgery and rehabilitation for Terekhina Constantine (age 1.5 years). The diagnosis - stage 4 neuroblastoma. Relapse, the required amount for 4.700.000rubley collection. Details for fund-raising: Catherine Map (mom Bones) Alfa-Bank: 4154 8120 5960 4722, Yandex-money: 410014350111699.

Good afternoon, everybody. I am forty one years old. He worked on construction sites, factories, driver and greenhouse complex. I made a lot of professional sores. Six years ago, he moved to live in the village, bought an old house that needs renovation. Has a dream to build a greenhouse area of ​​500 sq. M. for growing flowers.

Astakhov my daughter Victoria, born in 2006 She was born prematurely and at birth was bleeding of grade 3, which was the beginning of the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. While itself does not serve and keeps balance. All these years, we are constantly engaged in a rehabilitation center for 2 times a year.

Good day to all! We live in Chelyabinsk, sometimes choking on our "clean" air, sometimes the whole family together cheshemsya. Snot and nasal mucous edema in older daughters all year passes. We ask for help in buying an apartment or house in Kaliningrad.

Hello! My name is Svetlana Vasilyeva. I honey sister - a massage therapist, I have four children 15 years, 11 years, 1 year, 2 months. We live all in one room in his house, which is bought on the maternity capital. The house is divided into two halves, to date, the neighbors sold his half of the house for 1 million rubles.

Hello! My name is Andrei Losev. I am 41 years old. Hard to write this request, but the output I have no more. I have three children, I am happy that they have me. Everything was good, but was at the same time work is bad and I got out of stupidity in micro-loans.

Hello! Write to you poor second-year students of the technical school of light industry. All, successful and caring people, probably themselves were students, and understand what a difficult time) No, with our 600-ruble scholarship, we certainly have to earn extra money...

I live and work in the town of Orekhovo-Moscow region and organized in 2014. Volunteering child equestrian school (the direction of jumping). To do this, I was offered to rent a building equipped with a stable at Orekhovo-Zuevo, forest park "Mill"

Good people, help me repay the loan. In life, it so happened that I lost my job, I could not agree with the bank. I do not really work in the village, I've already looked for any. And there is no one to ask for help, he remained alone at 15 years old.

Independently solve the problem of the family in a difficult situation in life, it does not turn, but a lifetime to work hard and rely only on themselves. But after fifty, when health is getting smaller, and the sense of justice as the string is pulled, the circumstances are stronger than us

Help me please! After a heavy accident took out loans for medical treatment, and to sell the apartment. Husband died, and I was left with loans and mortgages. To avoid overdue mortgages took a micro-lending. I am 66 years, banks do not give loans, and micro-lending fell into a terrible situation

Hello! Never before did not apply here so people unfamiliar! I write because there is no other exit remained. Two days to pay for a removable apartment 10000 rubles otherwise hostess evict! We in the hands of a small child 1.8 baby! I myself in the decree

Hello! Ashamed to ask for help, but there is no escape. I am an orphan, it happened that after the release of the children's home was in a difficult situation, is connected not with the company, not on their own had to take a loan for 300,000 rubles

Hello! I am a single mother of many children. Help who than can, little things on girls 6 years, 4 years and 11 months, toys, and foods that do not spoil for a long time (pasta, oil, buckwheat, etc.).

Hello good people. I appeal to you for help. I hope that the world is not without good people. I got into a very difficult financial situation. I never thought I would ask.

Hello, my name is Olesya, 28 years old, I have a daughter for 3 years, my daughter is always ill, we have poor immunity, she does not help with her ex-husband in divorce. We live in a rented apartment. Wages do not allow you to buy housing.

My brother combatant was wounded, was blown up by mine.Oskolkami damaged both legs. His right leg had to be amputated to the thigh, the left - the doctors are trying to save, but need complex operations. For treatment and prosthesis must be $ 20,000.

I live with my mother with a communal apartment. With a neighbor, we can say fortunate because it is already 10 years old does not live in his room and only occasionally comes over bills.

Sells products for the poultry industry. My dream is to open a super market agriculture in Almaty. We need financial assistance to development.

Good afternoon! Since the site is called "I have a dream" - our family and decided to write about his dream. Let's get acquainted!? My name is Irina, I am 35 years old, my husband Jaroslav him 31 years

I work very, very much. Take care of their loved ones, are constantly on business trips, I turn as I can, but money is not everything, I can not save up for a house.

Really need your help! I was in a very difficult situation! My name is Vitaly, I live in the depths of Russia, in the Kemerovo region. I ask about the grant of financial assistance to their own homes, but do not have money enough, I do not hide.

My family and I were in a very difficult situation. It all started with the fact that her husband was "voluntarily" dismissed from work without paying wages.

I really ask for help! Bring up her daughter alone, this year it goes to the second grade, and we credit.

I work in a children's home, the salary of 7,000 thousand. Rubles a month, raising a nephew, we live in a studio apartment. Over the past two years, I got into a heap of debt. The child can not pay for meals at school because I can not get to the mother was deprived of maternity rights.

Found itself in a difficult situation, I took out a loan to pay'll be able to think, and here was due to the reduction of the fired and I can not get anywhere else 2 month.

Please help, got into a very difficult situation in life. And then it is already possible to rely only on themselves. From my husband, too, he was gone, left with a pile of debts and child.

I stumbled upon your website looking for second jobs to earn money. First, I do not even believe it, but after reading the reviews of people that there are good people who can help.

Help me pay back the loan. My husband and young family with 2 children, 4 daughters and 1 year old. Am on maternity leave, her husband works as a driver minibus. But money is not enough. We took out a loan, paid as it should, without delinquency, but a couple of times and we were sick daughter to spend no money to pay the loan on time, fearing delay took a quick loan and now it all went downhill.

Rich people refuse to help with money or help for free. Read reviews and advice on how to properly ask for money from rich people. Aid money can be obtained through the charities are engaged in specialized care.

Ask for money from rich people, and even permanently is not easy, but possible. It depends on what you want to ask: for expensive treatment, for the opening of the business