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Hello! My name is Sergey! I write, and at the very hand shake. I never thought that I could ask for help in money. I am 41 years old, I am a reserve officer, served in the army for 21 years. He retired from the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for health reasons, two combat wounds made themselves known

I ask for help! I do not even ask - I pray with tears! Debt to the MFI (not one), with the dope I took when I worked at the previous work. Then the dismissal, the search for a new job, went to training courses (again, in the long run), to cover the debts, gained new ones. I tried to take loans from the bank in order to pay the MFI's debts and pay the bank gradually (because the percentage is not comparable less), but they don’t give

Good day! My name is Anna, I am 24 years old. I ask for help in repayment of loans and borrowings. A year ago I did a lot of stupidity by contacting an MFI for a loan. But the money was urgently needed, at the moment I pay all the interest, but they do not diminish to a fraction. I ask for help, I can’t do that with debts anymore

Hello, my name is Natalia, I'm a single mother. Please help me pay off microloans. I know it's ridiculous nonsense, but I had nowhere to go when the child was 1.5 children payment over and I wanted to give the baby to kindergarten, and she go to work.

Hello, my name is Anna. I am a pensioner. I have a small pension, but my modest needs enough. But I can not seem to help his daughter. She was 32 years old, she has 3 children. First she gave birth in the 19's when the problems started with the teeth. I was working and the money was in order. And we have restored her teeth.

Hello. I beg help from anyone who can provide it, I should say - will return everything and everyone! The situation is this, once came over a lot of problems, and serious - and work, car repair, health .. He took loans from MFIs, partially repaid, then ran into a scam - lost money last. He changed his place of work, and to cut off loans - had to take the following

Please help in the repayment of loans and borrowings of good people. I just did a stupid thing and ponabrali debts. Please help, I can not because of debt. Not enough money no matter what. I give all the money for debts. You can check my credit history and see for yourself that I'm not lying. If you have questions please call...

I'm asking you to help her husband whose August 13, 2016 at work at the cosmodrome East suffered an ischemic stroke associated with bouts of epilepsy. Joined partial loss of speech, arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation. Was a respected worker of the business, welder 6 discharge NAKS 1 level.

My name is Svetlana, I am 39 years old. Has two children, the youngest of 1.8. Have husband. I am now on leave to care for a child under 3 years get only 50 rubles. More I get 380 rubles for two children. Her husband works. The situation in my life so that I had to take out a loan, then another and another.

I will tell my life story, more precisely its parts. I lived in the small town of Svetlograd, almost all my life, several times tried to escape and left, then to Krasnodar, then to Moscow, tried to get a job in life, but I returned home, first by my mother. Then in October 2017 I found a job in the city of Stavropol for a savings bank, a contact center. And already in February took a credit card, and April a loan.

I write with grief and pain. In this world, each has its place. Our place on this earth - agriculture. We raise the bread to our children and grandchildren continued to live and work on the ground. We decided to build a dairy farm on the 50 head of dairy cows. A farm built by 50%, bought high milk yield cattle, but in our house knocked trouble.

Good afternoon! My name is Olga, a very quick and easy to bury for their own stupidity in loans and debts. My parents are military personnel, I had a wonderful childhood. I have lived a long time in the rose-colored glasses ... and I think that I was special, very lucky. That everything is easy and simple in life. But life turned out to be all very different.

My name is Catherine and I am bankrupt by definition, but not in fact. Now I'm 30 years old. And I can not afford to get married and have children. What a man needs a woman with such problems? What children need a mother? I can still remember the 20012 year ... I really like the camera.

Hello good people! I ask for your help! Not when it is not thought that so I will ask for help, but one I can not do it. Foolishly got into the loans on top handle thought but now I understand that there is, trying to extinguish the loans but live almost no choice but to begin to grow the debt for utility services.

Hello! My name is Darya! I am from Sochi, live in the village of Lazarevskoye, 40 km from the city. Work, get paid, we decided to take the car and then on the business and the business was in the red. The car as collateral given and can not now fully repay and collateral for the car and a bank loan, and even credit card debts. The sum of the debt is 1000000 rubles.

  • Hello, My name is Anastasia, I'm 25 years old. I have two small children 2 and 3 years old. I am very ashamed to address here, but is no longer anyone to ask for help. I had the unpleasant situation, her husband lost his job and I have to feed their children took 3 micro loan.
  • It's two months of 55,000 rubles, and told her husband that her mother lent a couple of months.

People, help who can in difficult (I think hopeless) situation. I'll start from a distance. I myself was a disabled person of the 1st group from the 2000th year, then the criminals who were covered by police covered me with the apartment, they beat me, cut me, pierced my ear with a screwdriver, then when I was unconscious, I was tied up with a fishing line and when I came to consciousness again everything was repeated.

I live in a small town in the Tver region. There is a situation that really need the money to pay for microloans. I know that I'm not the only one, and everyone came to this not by choice, but because of the situation. Please help is not free.

Who would know as now I am ashamed to ask for help, because all his life the parents have told me that you can rely only on themselves. But here I am in a strange city without a penny in your pocket, with no friends, no family. A couple of weeks ago I lost my job, I was deceived and did not give a salary

This is not live, and survive. By their credulity year ago I believed swindler and took the credit, and then had to take one more credit to her husband for an operation, as a result of which he lost his memory. He is now, as a small child - all completely forgotten.

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