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Good afternoon. My name is Tatyana. I got into a difficult situation. As I had to borrow money, because there was no money in the family on the death of my mother. I asked the microfinance companies. The money I got the whole burial procedure was successful. But return them very difficult.

 I do not even know where to start. It is difficult to ask money from people I do not know, but I made it ..... I very much ask for help because I can not cope anymore. My debts are growing like a snowball, the diseases have become aggravated by nervous forces. I am 30 years old with type 1 diabetes mellitus.

Kind time of the day! I understand that you can not pay attention to my letter. Maybe even you will find it not very important, but for each author, it seems that his situation is more important than all. Because of this I address with reliable that they will hear me. I write to you honestly, it turned out to be in a debt hole, and now I can not get out without someone else's help.

Good people, appeal to all! From Novosibirsk May 2, 2018 in my hometown younger brother, Dmitry had a stroke. He is 27 years old. Stroke complicated, difficult character - a blood clot in the brain stem. He is not operable, touched a very important part of the brain responsible for breathing, swallowing, chewing, speech, movement, and doctors are not at risk. Life threatening.

It's all about my brother, his name is Sasha, he is now 22 years old, his wife's name is Nadya, she's 24, they have a beautiful daughter named Alisa, who will turn 7 tomorrow. 3 years ago, Sasha, had an accident, and now three years later he practically recovered. There are minor shortcomings, he can not walk now, he has another operation ahead of him, I can not look at my brother.

The situation is critical threw first customer, then framed partner, then turned co-founders and "friends", of which there were many. As a result, personal debt, taking loans to save the business -.. 4 million rubles, and the debts of the business (now we can assume that personal) - 9 mln. Rub. Lon naturally increases. Business in the legs.

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! I am 68 years old. I live in Bryansk. A year ago, on his credulity, and not only (is that being treated by a psychiatrist) caught in the clutches of a swindler who "forced" to take a loan of 200 thousand is not%. In general, I was left without any money. He appealed to the police, but she did not find corpus delicti, although about anything I did not ask.

Good afternoon! I will be very grateful and thankful, if you do me the financial support for the purchase of an apartment. I am 24 years old, living with her son in a rented apartment. Currently on maternity leave. The salary of 13,000 rubles. Barely enough room. Postponing not anything else.

Hello good people! My name is Irina. I appeal to those who have left a little bit of human compassion in the heart, to those who perceive the pain of others as their own. I am a single mother, she was left without work and livelihood. I am currently going through a difficult period in his life, it seems to me that get any worse.

Hello! In 2013, December 19, my husband had an accident. I did not suffer much, but my husband received a serious head injury. Husband raise itself, on its own, because the hospital refused to us. But I do not lose heart and try in every way to help their loved one. I took loans, used to take him for treatment.

Hello, my name is Lily, Russia. Really need the money to repay microloans. Can not get out of them. We want to take a loan and pay in one place constantly refused. I run up often scams, because they took extra thought microloans to help, but alas. She lost her job, left her husband's salary, almost all the money we return for loans, on products almost does not remain.

In June 2015 my son got electric shock, which has involved the amputation of two hands above the shoulder, the amputation of the right rib 12 and ring finger with the little finger of his left foot. From the hospital where my son was surveyed was requested Institute of rehabilitation and habilitation of disabled FGBU "Federal Research Center of Rehabilitation them. GA Albrecht," the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation.

What response was received - they are

Hello. To begin, I must say that it is ready to provide proof that I really am a single mother. Photos of the labor book, which shows that at the moment I do not work. There is also a book of Registration in the Employment Center, where I get 3900 rubles a month (53 euros). In the past, when I was still working, then she took the credit.

My name is Irina, born 11.10.1984 March 26 2018. It was dismissed in connection with the liquidation of the organization. Salary has not yet been paid. I'm a single mother with no money at the moment. Can not pay the loan and services. A lot of overdue debts and piling up day by day. very difficult to find work in our rural areas.

I hit with children in difficult life situations. I am a mother on maternity leave ... left alone with two small children and a heap of debts and credits! Was her husband, her husband won me loans and micro loans. We pay all in time and without problems. Then I decree, followed by a second .... My husband left me, leaving two children. At the moment, we have with him the divorce courts.

Please Provide me financial assistance for the repair of the house after the fire. The house burned the floor, touched the wall slightly touched the ceiling. Home renovation needs interior work. She can not be repaired. Foolishly got into the credit bondage, 50% of the salary shall be calculated in the department of bailiffs and there is another credit debt collection agency.

Invalids and pensioners, in January in Moscow underwent surgery with artificial kidneys. Complications arose, put on treatment in his hometown (Berezniki). Drugs - pay the total cost of essential drugs - 15 000 rubles. I would be grateful for any help. Bagel Vadim Borisovich. Money can be transferred to the card of the Savings Bank: 2202200361618406.

Good for all! Vologda I (may have heard about this city), from a large family, my mom and dad have 10! I 7th. Our prosperous family, 7 sisters and 3 brothers, we are all friends families. Dad always worked two jobs (1991 Pope did not), mother - heroine! Left alone in these hard times with 5 children. I love and respect.

I'm just a guy 35 years from Elektrostal who incredibly embarrassed that he can not solve their problems, but this message is a cry from the heart for help. Honest work, but after a divorce 5 years ago, there was a question of housing and began to build the house taking a small loan and after work began to build a house with his hands.

I appeal to all the rich people who have achieved the maximum heights that they expected. After all, each person is helped by someone else necessarily to reach a high standard of living. I'll forgive someone who will read my message to help me with finances to start life anew, because I lived in a very poor family, and now myself in the same situation, we can barely make ends meet.

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