Help fulfill the dream of his son and the debts

Give money with no return! Hello! I decided all the same to write here your request for help. This is the cry of the soul for me. My name is Indira, me 42 years. I am divorced. Since the beginning of the year sent on leave without pay and still has not called back. I live with my mother-pensioner and his son in the city Kapchagai, Kazakhstan.

This year February 16 underwent surgery to remove a titanium plate in his hands. It takes time for a full recovery. And so I can not get any job (for example, you can not lift something heavy, as happens with vendors or maids). I really need help with money forever.

To pay debts in the amount of 105,000 tenge and urgently pay tuition son, the amount of 366 630 tenge. Son dreams of becoming a presenter on the radio, and for this purpose he entered last year at the Faculty of Electronic Journalism at the International University of Information Technologies in Almaty.

Education he really likes, he tries to study well, making late assignments, participate in public activities of the University, leads a blog, participate in sweepstakes possible Kazakh radio Europe Plus. I can see how his eyes are burning, with some interest and pleasure, he tries.

Help, who can pay, please, for the son of tuition and help pay off debts. We already have a loan, the son took as a loan for the same amount of training 366 630 tenge through the savings to pay for the first six months of training. Now an urgent need to pay the same amount for the second half.

Help carry his son's intention to learn and become a presenter on the radio, and I pay off debts. Just help us right now no one. Very tired from that of a vicious circle in the last year. I have no strength. Who knows, maybe in the near future I or my son, too, will be able to help someone.

I hope that after all there is an honest, strong and noble man who can help us. I'd like to once again believe in human kindness and help. Help fulfill the dream of his son and the debts. My card number 4402 5735 2234 8863, this bank card Visa HALYK BANK.

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