I have a very difficult life situation

Hello, my name is Artem. I am 35 years old, I have a very difficult life situation. I live with my mother and my little sonny, he was 3 years old. I work very, very much. Take care of their loved ones, are constantly on business trips, I turn as I can, but money is not everything, I can not save up for a house.

My house where I live with my mother and sonny soon fall apart with age, I keep it repaired constantly need something. And money is not forever. Then came the autumn, and how inappropriately flowed roof, the whole rotten. No money to redo it. I do not know what to do.

I was on a business trip and need to leave, because I need to support my family. I did not even dream about the rest, I do not dream about that when something synulyu sea svozit, money is not forever. Just want to buy a home and family does not live in it thinking that tomorrow the roof and walls to collapse.

I would like to ask for help from people who have money, that kind, good and generous people. We never see each other again, unfortunately, not with them. I believe that in the world there are people who will help me in my situation, not in word but in deed.

Each will give a little bit, and my dream will turn to live with his son in a normal house. And the people who help me in this, I wish with all my heart to them their goods back and shower was clean. Advance say great thanks! My details alfa-bank 5370 0063 6424 5843 mastercard.

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