We ask for help in buying an apartment or house in Kaliningrad

Good day to all! We live in Chelyabinsk, sometimes choking on our "clean" air, sometimes the whole family together cheshemsya. Snot and nasal mucous edema in older daughters all year passes. We ask for help in buying an apartment or house in Kaliningrad. We will be glad of any help. Sami also try, try to work harder to go part-work 6 days a week. Reduced spending on food to 5 thousand. Rub. per month for four.

In general, the goal is set to save up for the trip, and some time to live in if we can not find a job. We will be able to accumulate, we are diligent, but with the housing problem. Mortgage already has one (left to pay 300 thousand rubles.), A second mortgage will not give until the payment of the first. In Kaliningrad, already agreed with the school (the older daughter goes to first grade), we will take. From kindergarten may be a problem, but it does not matter, as compared to the housing.

Interestingly it turns out, we are usually involved themselves in helping sick children, SMSki ship, and now ask yourself. Not very convenient. If you do not get mad at us. We welcome any penny! Thanks in advance to everyone who responds! We want to breathe and to be healthy, and you wish it with all my heart! Sberbank card number 2202 2002 0794 8298 translation. Minimum translation, I think 10 rubles, it will be welcome!

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