I will not say that I was not wildly cleverly

Hello everyone, I will not say that I was not clever wildly, even as it cleverly, everyone understands what we are living in a mess, and what kind of country we have. Situation following, an orphan myself, in 2009, I threw in the apartment, and since then my way not to me has got. Recently released from prison, he sat not their fault.

I think everyone understands that it is extremely difficult to find a job with the stigma, thank Odin have a couple of friends who have sheltered me for a while, but I can not embarrass them constantly, you'd think I was too. And since I can not find a job, it turns out that I'm on their neck. Well, it's not a matter of course, and so I ask you not to give me the money, and borrow, or kreditnut.

No, well, of course, if free, it is good to be, but still I honor people, and I know the price of everything in this world. So gentlemen, good if you decide to help the poor prisoner, something from the heart. I'm not ashamed, not uncomfortable, just life is life, and talk about the shame and so on is the destiny of a few others. All the difficulties, problems, but that's life, I would have gone down the path the other, but do not want to go back. Nothing to do there. Dima88. Good for all. 4817760139149789 card number. Alkov.D.M.

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