I ask for help for sick mummy with children

Good afternoon, most kind and merciful readers! Only you can save me, I can live and believe that there are kind and sympathetic people in the world! I do not even know where to start writing ... my name is Natasha, I'm 46 years old, two children live with me, 14 years old daughter and 7 years old son.

A senior daughter of 25 years old live with her husband separately, she can not help us, she is a core and lives at the expense of her husband. Nobody helps me. I'm sick of type 2 diabetes, I still have a pain in women, myoma, constant bleeding, hypertension, my hands are numb, my knees are aching and sometimes bend by themselves.

I'm trying to earn money for food for the sake of children, I try to keep on insulin, I'll bring in and it becomes easier, but it's still a little easier, as it is said, and even 30 sugar happens. At night I sleep badly. Shchitovidka presses. For all I experience and I am upset. Children study in grade 7 and in grade 1. Finish.

And my second misfortune and this is terrible - the roof began to flow in the kitchen, I cook under the umbrella. Trouble after trouble. People, my dear, help me please cope with the troubles. I alone can not repair the roof, buy medicine. Please, I beg you! Save and save you Lord! I am sending you the documents.

I barely wrote you hands hurt and my head is strong. Very much you I ask, help who than can, will be glad also to things for children, the girl the size 42 footwear 38 and the boy height 130 footwear 33. My size 54. Height 164. Medicines. Thank you! My mail nata.leonteva.71@list.ru CARD NUMBER 5336690052322296 SBERBANK OF RUSSIA.

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