How to get financial aid from rich people donated/Help with money please

How to get financial aid from rich people donatedFor assistance, you first need to:

  • a list of suitable sites or forums where people ask for such assistance;
  • to attract the right sponsors (especially foreigners) should be as close as possible to describe the problem, explain exactly how the money will be able to help;

It is important to remember that most reputable sites need to register. When you register may be asked to send an SMS message to a specified number. Step by step algorithm for assistance:

  • find a site in this field;
  • register;
  • specify what needed money;
  • specify the required amount;
  • specify how withdrawal / receipt of funds.

It is important to submit several applications on different resources, then the chances increase significantly.

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  • Help with money from rich people

Help with money from rich people reviews

To several times to increase the chances it is important as detailed as possible to paint the reasons prompted to ask for help. And the reasons may be made different from the acquisition of drugs to purchase a brand new yacht or a leisure trip. In our world, a lot more good people than many are accustomed to thinking.
Many it is not strange to forget to specify details, and this is very important. Because otherwise the money will have nowhere to send. People want to help, but the help will not be. Who would get the money in this case is not known. It is recommended to specify what or contact details.

It sometimes happens that a person is willing to help, but he wants to talk to this person, and there is no possibility. This may be the reason that he would change his mind.

Site assistance in difficult life situations

Not everyone can boast that happened in dire need or necessity of urgent financial assistance. The situation can be anything close person got into a difficult situation urgently needed money to buy drugs, surgery, business development. Some people like to realize his dream: to go on a trip or just buy a new phone.

Modern technology contribute to the emergence of new methods to borrow money or get them without a refund. With the help of TV, Internet and mobile communications have the opportunity to appeal to a huge audience that would be free to ask for help from the masses, including assistance with money from rich people. Most of the people I am sure that is not possible on the Internet to get cash aid without repayment.
This is not true. There are plenty of grateful responses for helping people.

Rich millionaires who give out money

There are many people who have received financial aid and real assistance money. In a world of many kind and helpful people who are ready to come to the aid: charity and sponsorship and relevant today. So, how to ask for money from the rich people on the Internet? Websites and forums where you can help the first thing you need in this situation - to set a list of Internet sites and forums where you can find a potential sponsor.

Select popular site, find a site where you can ask for financial aid. For example, here:


These sites are full of advertisements: How to ask for financial assistance to properly ask for money need to be creative, and sometimes just enough sincerity.

How to ask for money from rich people via the Internet

Thinking out loud: The algorithm to solve any problems on their own in the Information section: "Rules on the site" Frequently Asked Questions "What's new" Food for thought: Parables "Guestbook Poll: Have you unselfishly help strangers? Yes No If you want help: "Need advice, practical assistance" need financial assistance Useful advertising Individual assistance in solving problems before results Home »Articles about problems and solutions" Will render free of financial and material support. Category: Articles about the problems and solutions for those who are really in need of financial assistance, will try to help as far as possible. I pulled out of the debt hole. The development of cash going to charity at no charge.

How to get help with money of the wealthiest people in 2018 in Russian

We also have in Russia is: the creator of the channel "money talks" on Youtube, a rich blogger Gregory Mamurin (grandson of billionaire). He entertains, asking passers-by to do disgusting things: to undress in public, drink urine or lick the soles. Such humiliation he proposes to compensate for the amount from 5 to 15 TR
At the end of their video clips he shows the place where the hidden treasure (10 TR) or to announce that soon a large crowd scattered in a large sum of money. In one of the rollers shown generosity satiety by feeding two stray red. You see, just because nothing has been done - all for the sake of popularity and the likes.

Rich people such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates donate money to people not directly but through the charities of various kinds. Just ask money from them is meaningless, and through the Internet, they do not communicate with ordinary people.

Shew grant financial and material support.

This nuance plays an important role in the decision: Sponsor just change his mind to assist you because of the lack of contact information. Often websites require charities to register, sometimes with an indication of the actual phone number so they can send SMS code to confirm the registration. Truly needy person all this does not become an obstacle.
Get listed funds a variety of ways: on the e-wallet; a bank card or transfer to the bank account. Oddly enough, many people forget to specify your details. If you find a person who wants help for you - to do this, he can not at all a great desire and assistance will be directed at you, but someone drugomu.Kogda your request will be published, will only have to wait that someone will respond.
Be patient: it may take any one day and the week.

Help with money from rich people

If you write down what you need "a lot of money", it is unlikely someone will help. Another thing, if the text is a phrase such as "I need $ 1,200 for a full course of rehabilitation and recovery." Convince the reader in reality the problem of targeted financial assistance from a foreign or domestic rich man will be more effective if you convince a potential sponsor in the reality of the problem.

Please describe in detail the situation, put photos, medical history, a detailed business plan and so on. Treat her request seriously and believe in the success of the event. The man with the "other side" must see the reality of your existence and the sincerity of the request.

Help in most cases, not specific people and personalities, the history of which touched the reader to the core. Remember Contacs Ask about financial assistance for a rich man is not enough.
Their primary task is precisely its development, rather than squandering resources beggars. Because it is not necessary to place all their hopes on him. It would be naive to think that millionaires are sitting at the computer waiting for your payment details to send to them asking for more money.

Most likely, you are more likely to get to the speculator, that only add to your problems. Be careful on the Internet a lot of dishonest people willing to cash in on your trouble, do not believe any promises, if you are asked to send them at least some money. He lives in San Francisco, one millionaire. Small amounts of 10-100 $, he hides in different areas of the city, and then in his Twitter indicates the exact place.

They say that there was fighting in these places. It seems that it does not help in its purest form - entertainment for a bored millionaire.
Fundraising - sponsorship, or simply charity, every day is becoming increasingly important. In America alone for the year it is donated to charity about $ 500 million. Usually people feel embarrassed and uncomfortable when you have to borrow. Today, through the Internet is possible in almost all. Ask for help with money from rich people - is no exception. After all, no one is safe from getting into difficult situations. There is no shame to ask for help. Money can be transferred directly to the card, respectively, to use them can be almost immediately. It plays an important role in situations where money is needed such as emergency surgery and every second counts.

Help with money please

Who would know as now I am ashamed to ask for help, because all his life the parents have told me that you can rely only on themselves. But here I am in a strange city without a penny in your pocket, with no friends, no family. A couple of weeks ago I lost my job, I was deceived and did not give a salary, although the last 3 months were given scraps and promised that everything will be given the rest of the end of July.

And now I need to pay for an apartment or I kicked out on the street. To pay interest on the loan which I took to school. Therefore, I ask to help me, I need to collect 97000. And I know that no one is obliged to help me, but I ask you to help, I promise that as soon as I find a job I'll give all that now give me.

Please, do not pass by, I ask you not to pass by. I'm not sick, and not disabled. I was in a difficult financial situation, I beg you to help even the 100 rubles. Thanks a lot, everyone. Map Savings 42763000478142000.

I am a single mother

I am a single mother, I have two teenage children. Their own homes we have, really want to have your own home. I have the maternity capital, but I can not buy it, so how to add from their own funds is not possible. All the money spent on treatment (I have a high degree of myopia).

I have bad eyesight -14 diopters both eyes, afraid even to go blind and do not see their children. Recently, after verification of the youngest daughter (her 4 years) it turned out that she, too, poor eyesight. Previously, she worked in a kindergarten (over 4 years), was forced to resign from the constant trips to the hospital, the children were sick all the time.

Now do tutoring, I teach children the Russian language, writing. Money is still not enough. I try as best I can, to my children or if you need something. I really hope for financial assistance, to raise children, to get the most out of this hole. Thank you in advance. card number to help 5570 7188 6032 7317.

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