I ask, please, help pay off loans

Sorry to apply for the money, but the situation is deadlocked. My name is Natalia, 39 years old, live in Lysogorsky district of the Saratov region. In July 2017 came to an emergency operation with a seven-day bowel obstruction due, later identified as a benign tumor. Even the doctors did not give a guarantee that I will survive.

As a result - the removal of the right side of the colon. Then, the second operation to remove the postoperative herniation already paid. While I was in the hospital for the first time, my mom, and we live alone with her, she broke her hip. And 8 months of torment and uncertainty in anticipation of the quotas for joint replacement.

And in her case, except for the operations, all the paid survey, including preoperative. We live in the village of his farm, no other income except my mother's pension of 10 thousand. Last season in 2017 left without income. At surgery, medication, to life had to get into loans and Mail Tinkoff Bank. Total debt 278 000 rubles.

Mom is now a poor assistant, and I had that time to earn, and this is minuscule given for loans and debts to friends, to the leaves and the mother's pension. To work in our village did not suit, and if they could - to whom I want. 5kg heavier. to raise impossible, persistent pain, there are days when I can not even stand up.

It is time that I do not have money to buy salt and matches, not to mention the medications that me and mom need to be taken continuously. Force is no more. If there is an opportunity to have good people though on how to help, I will be forever grateful. For doubters can send copies of extracts from the hospitals and the receipt of payment. My phone 89603536690, savings bank card number, which you can transfer money 4817760077408866. I would be grateful for any sum.

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