I ran away from my ex-husband, took the children and just left for nowhere

Hello! My name is Julia. I am mother of 3 beautiful sons and a daughter are now waiting, I am on the 32nd week of pregnancy! Recently moved to Krasnodar, just ran away from her ex-husband took the kids and just went nowhere! Almost 2 years living in Krasnodar, where I met my wife, which is now waiting for the baby.

It so happens that the housing have their not moving with his family to friends (money to pay for rent a rented apartment not), everything that my husband earns spend on food and education of children, I have a very difficult pregnancy and I did not work from the beginning, because that all time spent in the hospital.

I really need help with housing, very much needed food and children's clothes will soon have a daughter, and I do not know where we will live with it. I do not have a residence permit and I can not count on help from the state. It surpassed all instances, but everywhere I was sent. Simply said, it is not for them.

Good people, I beg you to help me with money, I want my children to have their least temporary housing. I'm scared for them and I am afraid of what will happen tomorrow. I very much hope for you. I will accept any help. Whether it's things, money or products. I agree to do anything to save their children from starvation. Alimony I do not list, already went to the police officers, it is useless.

I have very large debts, but the important thing now is to ensure that my daughter, everything you need me to the hospital with her to go to have nothing. Please help to collect at least on rent and if anyone has a drug for pregnant women, clothes for babies and children, happy to take away. Really I ask you not to remain indifferent, well made you come back to you 100 times the amount.

My card Sberbank 4276300029497255. My phone number 89618816661 (vatsap) call on 89892281647 . Really I rely on you!

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