Help defend the mortgage apartment

Kind people! Help! Without your help, can not do! Independently solve the problem of the family in a difficult situation in life, it does not turn, but a lifetime to work hard and rely only on themselves. But after fifty, when health is getting smaller, and the sense of justice as the string is pulled, the circumstances are stronger than us, and that happened to me. Describe your situation in more detail.

To you a teacher who worked for 30 years in high school, sincerely and selflessly taught the children rejoiced their every little step and a great success. Years of professional activity by like a flash, worked with great enthusiasm and joy, as the heart of their chosen profession. He lived with his family (spouse and two children) in the suburbs in a studio apartment, 20 years old standing on a preferential queue for housing improvements, dreaming about the apartment roomier and their individual rooms. And waited ...

Changed power, erected new buildings, but we have nothing happened. I had to take out a mortgage, for which we are 9 years regularly paid. It so happened that her husband fell ill, suffered four operations, and 3 years is not working for health reasons (he had an incurable disease of the blood). I took full responsibility for themselves, worked hard, earned additionally, took, took credit, and all the forces fighting for the life of the wife, and then came the moment of hopelessness.

To date, no money to pay for the mortgage, utility bills, nothing to do repair ... Due to my small salary Credit goes bailiffs. And we still continue to live in a studio apartment ... My daughter has a family, a child was born. We will soon retire, and we do not find a way out of this situation, not only children, but also can not help myself! So you want to husband lived in the best conditions, so it is waiting for a house, I would have rejoiced. Maybe it will prolong his life!

Kind people! Help to collect the necessary sum: 1600000 rubles. If you do not resume payments, the apartment will be taken away, the written notification has been received about it. We are left to pay the mortgage for one year - 510,000 rubles, the debt for utilities in the November 2017 - 103450 rubles and 1,000,000 rubles for at least finish the apartment and its equipment). All supporting documents have our problems.

Cash can be sent: - to the purse Yandex-money: 410015165486355 - Map PSB: 5547 8121 5806 1256 My e-mail for communication: I thank warmly all those who are not indifferent to the suffering of others and can provide all possible financial assistance. In turn, can help your children in mastering the curriculum and exam preparation.


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