Hello! My name is Eugene. Dad really wanted a son, so I began to Zhenya. I was born, probably under an unlucky star ... quite know what they say: "somewhere diminish, and in some cases will be added"; And so my life was not good nothing: no money, no happiness, no normal family, no love, no long function properly.

Good time of day! I do not know where to start ... Desperate quite decided on a request for help from ordinary people. The state has no hope and help me not to anyone (parents I have 15 years). The fact is that while he was still married, we took out a mortgage the apartment.

Hello! My name is Tatyana. I got in very difficult circumstances. Involved in an accident, he was in intensive care for a long time, multiple fractures of the ribs, legs and arms. Until her husband left rose to his feet. I was left alone with two young kids.

Hello. Being a pensioner with over 40 years of experience and a participant in hostilities while performing BS tasks from April 23 to June 13, 1975 on the submarine K-3 Leninsky Komsomol were counted among the participants, but the documents were quickly classified.

Hello! The situation is not the best. He took credit for business for a long time, pulling him even take the money as a loan from friends and organizations. As a result, there were about 10 million rubles. More than wait for help from nowhere, lay nothing.

In 2012, my husband and I took a mortgage of 10 years, this is our first home and we have no other, and we are already at 50 years old. To pay on time do not even completed the repairs. In 2016, her husband's monthly income has fallen by half, to pay the monthly payment on the mortgage left her husband and my salary.

Hello. My name is Catherine, I am a mother of three children, a single mother. Now I can not get out of financial crisis. I'm on maternity leave, get in a month 10 thousand rubles. On-site is not sitting, working, earning more than 12,000 it is impossible physically.

The house was bought 2 years ago for the maternity capital, plus took the credit, are now in debt. Her husband works as one. For us to build a house is not feasible burden. The salary of her husband's 25,000 rubles loan, plus a communal, barely conclusions.

Hello good people, help financially and free. I'm 68 years old, I idle pensioner, I had a tragedy in 2010, killed the two sons of 35 and 42, in a car crash. They were all a moral for me, and material support. Until now, the pain does not pass, God forbid anyone to bury the parents of their children.

Good time, I will not take away your time with a story about their problems. I need your help. I found myself in a difficult situation, became temporarily disabled, had a car accident. Last salary ended two weeks ago.

And restore your health for at least 3 months

Good afternoon, I am Love, I am a mother of two wonderful children. I like many mothers in difficult life situation. I have two children with husband left her credit, debt in a rented apartment. The husband does not help me, even on children does not give money.

People ask for help from the need. I need spinal surgery. They do it only abroad, and in order to get me released you need to pay off loans worth three million rubles. The same is worth the operation. Help to collect the required amount.

I have this situation. Loan in the amount of 170.000. I am 21 years old, my daughter is 2 years old. Due to the fact that my husband did not want to provide us left, he left us with a loan. How can I try to earn, I can not do anything for the child, everything goes on loan. But not even enough for the minimum payment. Because of what the amount of debt increases, the interest increases. 

Hello! I hope for help. I live in a village near the city of Ufa. As it is known in the villages there are no roads and work too. At the time of receiving the loan, it was like a stable job and a good salary. I work as an electrician, so without a car anywhere.

Hello, my name is Anastasia, I'm an orphan. I had a very bad situation and help me not to anyone except you. I'm not comfortable asking for help, but I do not have exit. Help to save up for an apartment! From my small salary and taking into account that I give for a removable apartment, there is little to life, I will save a lifetime.

The invalid 1st c. indefinitely, heavily terminally ill need help! Please help, no mercy! Who can! Relatives buried! Children threw off debts on loans of 450 thousand rubles and 200 rubles for housing and communal services! Bank unleashed collectors, the inventory of the property and the street! Church feeds!

My life has gone black stripe. I took a loan in the eastern bank for 100 thousand rubles, November 8, 2018. Payment is made monthly. In December I was arrested salary card, leave me with no means of subsistence.

Hello, I live in the Komi Republic. This situation is, I will describe in brief. Nine years ago, I met with Azeri, a year later he was deported. Well leave. One and a half years, he also came to see me. Began to live, I took a loan, he began to build a sawmill.

All my life I wanted to trade clothes, everything is good, but again!

Hello. My name is Victoria, I am 32, I live in the Sakhalin region. I am a mother of two children over 7 years old, the youngest 3 years old. Junior is frequently ill, the garden is almost no walks. I work at home accountant. We live in a rented apartment, the money earned barely enough to pay for housing and utilities services on the lives of almost nothing remains.

Hello dear good people! I appeal to you, because you're always ready to listen, enter the position and find the best way to solve the problem almost everyone who spoke to you. We must pay tribute to the many you have helped and continue to help.

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