My young man gave up and asked me to take loans before him, promised that we would have a common business, which he did for himself (though unofficially) that we would go abroad with him, or rather to Egypt, and left my life. And now, because of these loans, I cannot help my parents financially, who are sick as I am, and they are retired

Hello! My name is Elena! That's what happened to me: I threw the young man with the money, but rather on loans (forced them to take over, promised that we will have a common business, which he pulled over and walked out of my life), did not help at all. What to do now, I do not know.

Good day to all. I would like to ask for help if it happens really. About Needs: I am disabled group 2 (multiple sclerosis), set in 2007. Husband immediately fled .... scared. He left us with the son of one, without an apartment, rented accommodation. I was very ill, but the motivation to get up and move on.

My dream is to repay all the loans, they have two and more credit card. Married with two children in a rented, there is enough money on the room only. Debts are growing with each passing day, it's terrible when your phone is broken and I can not do anything. I do not want children to this kind of life, because they deserve better.

I am a student working the night shift, but this money is not enough to live. The family is only my mother, a teacher, in debt and credits, both in the silks. We need to help her pay for multiple loans. Until next Thursday to collect 16 thousand. Rubles.

Hello dear benefactors, I'm read to the end and take my request seriously. My name is Cyril and I'm a dreamer. In my childhood years can be gone in 3 father, then went another 2 stepfather. I grew up we can say on the street, coming home every day I saw my relatives becomes an inveterate drunkard brother, mother, sister, aunt, uncle. All were looking for an excuse to drink every day.

People kind, help please. I have a big request to you. To only I did not write, but to no avail. I come from Dagestan, is divorced and has three children, I live in Makhachkala, in a rented apartment, the father not how it helps children. I left her husband with a large debt and children's clothing bags, I swear by God, there was nothing else, even a fork.

We bought a two-bedroom apartment, requiring repair. Money was only enough for this, but it was a small business, working and doing a little repair, on which time began to live in an old house with no hot water. ... But it so happened that the business lost, and to pay off debts taken loans.

 Got into debt, all started as he took a loan on a truck for the job. Initially, all turned out, the work was paid credit without delinquency. As time passed, the work has become less and less, and it is now virtually gone. Send delay for the credit, for a removable apartment. Start to break the car, I took a bunch of debt, took another loan to pay off at least delay, and climbed into the pit of debt.

Hello, good people! My name is Natalya. Very embarrassing here to treat, but the situation is hopeless. I really hope that I will get at least a little help from you. It so happened that the accumulated debt of the fact that there were unforeseen circumstances - seeking care in dentistry. I had to take out a loan, then another.

Hello. My name is Eugene, I am from Tyumen. I am on maternity leave, raising a son. It so happens that there is no one to help me at all, and the money is not enough, and loans are not going anywhere and they need to pay. Many think that it was necessary to think a head, but when he took thought and the situation was different.

Hello! I decided to appeal to those who can help. We have a large family. 5 educate sons. I live modestly, but I can not say that bad, but the fall heavily, our car broke down and had to take a loan for its repair. The loan is 50,000. But give credit does not work ((All money earned goes to food and education for children.

In our house we knocked trouble! My daughter Belikova Evgeniya Viktorovna, born 10.7.2013 (5 years) NEFRABLASTOMA cope with lung metastases IV degree (RAC) She was always cheerful and happy child, and now she is fighting like a real hero! November 8, 2017 during a game, the daughter hit the belly November 10, 2017 has been observed tumor formation in the right upper quadrant.

Please help for my mom. She lives in the village Menzhinsky in the house into four apartments. A fire broke out May 24, 2018. Fire started in a neighboring apartment, leaving burned the roof, the walls, in my mother's apartment through burnouts, collapsed ceiling.

Help from the administration waited all summer, there were asked to select only 20,000

I am a simple man has always been a housewife for their loved ones. It so happened that my family threw me, they are now living every man for himself. It is very embarrassing and sad to say and understand. I was left alone with his dad, he was 80 years old, he was disabled, fractured neck of femur. We live on his pension in rented accommodation.

I never thought that I will have to seek the help of the money on such resources, ashamed. But the debt over time, only grow (I'm married, family, three children, two daughters and a son, everything was fine, got married at 26, had a daughter in the same year, they lived with their parents, second daughter was born, took a mortgage in the secondary housing.

I am the mother of "special" child Danilka have cerebral palsy. We live in the village, where there is no opportunity to pass appropriate treatment and rehabilitation for his son, so you have to travel around to different cities. Danilka 13 years and all these years we are in the search for treatments and travel operations. At this point Danilka 2 years he became blind

Disabled family needed the money to buy housing because we are living with the drinking neighbor in a communal apartment with no amenities. The neighbor does not allow to make repairs in the common areas. Corridor, toilet, kitchen, they killed in the state. We both walk on crutches, the required amount of 1500000 rubles.

Hello, I'm a mother of two wonderful boys. Really need financial help, as his family were in a difficult life situation. At the moment I am on maternity leave. How can a husband tries, but finance is barely enough for food and housing costs. I am ashamed to admit it, but to survive as it is typed debts in banks.

We have not noticed how gained

Hello! My name is Sergey! I write, and at the very hand shake. I never thought that I could ask for help in money. I am 41 years old, I am a reserve officer, served in the army for 21 years. He retired from the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for health reasons, two combat wounds made themselves known

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