Health to you. My name is Alexey. In 2016, I made a mistake when I accepted a loan offer from a Bank. I worked and paid fairly, but the restaurant where I worked closed, and the Director changed in another and stopped paying wages. While looking for a new job, the debt grew over $ 8000. 

Hello, good people! I work, my salary has been reduced. My daughter is finishing the 11th grade. I need money for the last call to the school to pass. But my salary is not visible. We are constantly sent on leave without pay. And I can't raise the right amount.

I lost my job because of the coronavirus. I live on an allowance of $ 50. I don't even have money for food. I can't find a job. There is nowhere to wait for help. Help 4584432831753703 visa. Saint-Petersburg.

My name is Alevtina!​ I come from a small village in the Orenburg region! Now I live in Samara. I have a daughter. We live in a rented apartment. My ex-husband doesn't help. Retired parents live in the village. There is no one else to turn to. I applied to banks for a loan to pay off my debts

Hello everyone!!! My name is Sergey. I am not an expert to write, but I will try to reach out to you. First, I want to say this... : I am Russian, I live in Russia, and, unfortunately, I do not speak English well. Therefore, please understand and forgive Me if I make mistakes in this, My, letter. I don't have a wife. I am single

Hello. It is better to help than to ask for help. Who can assist in paying off the mortgage. Do not scanty hand of the giver. God bless you and Mother of God. Security Number card: 6390 0206 9056 876 327.

I am the invalid 2 groups of lung diseases. Since 2004 he was treated in many hospitals. He took treatment and underwent several chemotherapy. My disability pension is barely enough to live no more. Relatives and friends do not wealthy. Contact the bank no one even wants to talk not just refuse.

Hello! We have the fault of the drunk neighbor burned down housing. He died too. The administration of any assistance, do not wait for anything. Russia after all. With his hands trying to restore everything, to repair. At the time we rented accommodation with his family. We do not live one.

Good day. My name is Igor. For a number of objective and more subjective reasons, I was in a very difficult financial situation. Fully admit their mistakes in the past five years, and I ask monetary help to pay off debts and start fresh life on its own earned money.

Hello my name is Natalia I am 43 years. I am a single mother of daughter Masha 1 year and 5 months. Man my I left me, as it turned out he had a family and 5 children. And left me with a daughter and a mortgage, all on my left, that do not know, the mortgage delinquency went.

Hello, my name is Sergey I'm 20 years old. We live in 4. I, my girl (pregnant), my mother and stepfather. The house is old, all collapses. 5 years ago to cover the rotten roof of the house my mother took a loan of 100 TR We paid all regularly for six months, I worked as a laborer at a construction site outside of school time.

I repeatedly visited this site, struggled with a sense of bashfulness and humiliation, read the messages of those who asked and addressed, and it was painful and embarrassing to think how many troubles and grief, despair those who ask for help. Do I, an adult woman, with arms and legs, dare to ask?

Hello! My name is Luba. I am 30 years old. Russian. Have a favorite husband (Belarusian) and three children. Not fast, but to buy an apartment incomes do not allow even a mortgage, because the salary of the unofficial husband, and I'm unemployed.

Good day! My name is Anna, I'm 30 years old. Looking for solutions to the financial problems of the internet and found this site. Honestly - not much hope, but suddenly. Sorry, but to write the request in a tragic novel format can not and do not want to, because in the process begin to feel sorry for herself, and it often takes too much effort.

Hello. I'm sick pensioner, I had cancer 3 degrees. But it's not in pain, I still pickings. But the fact of my debt. When I was not sick, I had no more credit. I worked and even pension credit paid regularly. But the sick, surgery, chemotherapy, and disability.

Good morning! Help me please. Povyazla into debt. I have a lot of credits (total debt of one million rubles), the monthly payment of 40,000 in the bank, I can not pay. I do not want to live. I contact the bank for help, to pay the debt with the help of refinancing.

Hello! My name is Eugene. Dad really wanted a son, so I began to Zhenya. I was born, probably under an unlucky star ... quite know what they say: "somewhere diminish, and in some cases will be added"; And so my life was not good nothing: no money, no happiness, no normal family, no love, no long function properly.

Good time of day! I do not know where to start ... Desperate quite decided on a request for help from ordinary people. The state has no hope and help me not to anyone (parents I have 15 years). The fact is that while he was still married, we took out a mortgage the apartment.

Hello! My name is Tatyana. I got in very difficult circumstances. Involved in an accident, he was in intensive care for a long time, multiple fractures of the ribs, legs and arms. Until her husband left rose to his feet. I was left alone with two young kids.

Hello. Being a pensioner with over 40 years of experience and a participant in hostilities while performing BS tasks from April 23 to June 13, 1975 on the submarine K-3 Leninsky Komsomol were counted among the participants, but the documents were quickly classified.

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