Автор: 02.07.2017

1. So I decided to write on this site, suddenly someone will help
2. We live in a rented apartment, they don't even give us a mortgage
3. I believe that you will help me and I will be cured of tuberculosis

Автор: Nina Rokotova 02.07.2017

Good afternoon! Please excuse me for my letter, but the situation of hopelessness made me turn to everyone (very ashamed). My name is Yulia, I'm 36, I came to the capital in 2012, I live in a rented apartment, I work.

Автор: Faithfully, Bermet. 02.07.2017

Dear Mr. Elon Musk Im writing from Kyrgyzstan in the central Asia. My name is Bermet.Im only child and i have only my father, father has only me. I know that there is a good people in the world. I have only my father and he has gangrene on his foot, because of diabetes.

Автор: Anna Chernenko 02.07.2017

Hello! my name is Anna. I am a refugee from Ukraine. Our house was destroyed by bombs. My husband died. My children and I escaped from this hell and we miraculously survived. We went to Russia because there are a lot of refugees in Europe and we don't know a single European language.

Автор: Edward 02.07.2017

Good day! My name is Edward. I live in Irkutsk. Being disabled, I worked and tried to earn money, but recently I also amputated my leg, I try to save up for a good prosthesis from retirement, but the pension is 12000t.p and 8000 of them goes to medicines that are not given according to the quota.

Автор: Alia Resivich 02.07.2017

Hello. I am very ashamed to ask for money, but I have no choice anymore. I have two children, my husband died a year ago. I am an orphan myself, left alone with two children. We live in a village, I would like to buy my own housing, because at the moment, although I work at 2 jobs, there is not enough money.

Автор: 02.07.2017

Friends, I want to shout so that each of you can hear - do not be afraid and do not be shy of small amounts. The situation is critical, there is no money, there is no treatment. If one of you thinks - "I can translate quite a bit, but what's the use of it" - believe me, there is a sense!

Автор: 02.07.2017

Hello, my name is Anna, I am 32 years old. I grew up and lived like all ordinary people, everything was fine, I was happy, I had everything. We lived with my husband for 10 years until trouble came to our family. My husband got hooked on heroin, and this is just the beginning of my curse.

Автор: Alexander 02.07.2017

My name is Alexander, I have known my ex-wife since childhood and in October 2010. we started a relationship. She offered me to go to Moscow with her and I agreed. In March 2012, my daughter was born. Since we were not legally married, we immediately signed and I adopted my daughter. In March 2012.

Автор: 02.07.2017

Hello! I have two children, now I'm in a difficult situation. I'm on maternity leave, I don't even have enough money to pay for communal services, I got into loans. Sorry, I do not know how to write and how to properly talk about the problem, but I really really need money.

Автор: Alice Dolbacheva 02.07.2017

Help for Verochka and Valechka Your region: Moscow region Your mail: Doronkinaani@yandex.ru Comment: On April 14, 2021, my children were born. At the age of 29 weeks. With a height of 31 and 32 cm . With a weight of 830 and 920 grams. My deeply premature twins with extremely low body weight.

Автор: 02.07.2017

Hello, good people! I work, my salary has been reduced. My daughter is finishing the 11th grade. I need money for the last call to the school to pass. But my salary is not visible. We are constantly sent on leave without pay. And I can't raise the right amount.

Автор: Georg Smirnoff 02.07.2017

I took a microloan to cover utilities so that the lights would not be turned off in the amount of 350 euros. I'm on maternity leave with two kids, waiting for the third. My husband's salary came, the microloan was closed, and they took it again, since you need to pay for everything, there are still other loans for personal needs, food, medicine, etc.

Автор: Mikhail Romanov 02.07.2017

Hello. Everyone who will read my letter. I never thought that I would have to turn to the public for help. I just don't see any way out anymore. I will try to briefly 4 years ago I came to live in the village because I could not live in the city — asthma.

Автор: 02.07.2017

Good afternoon, dear people. I am writing to you with hope, I hope that you will help my family. I have two children, two boys. There were hard times, we got loans from microfinance organizations. Now I have 2 microloans and a bank loan. We pay as much as we can with my husband, but there are a lot of delays.

Автор: Fedor Malyshev 02.07.2017

Hello to all those who are reading this. I ask for help with plastic surgery. I had an accident in the fall - I got hit by a car, a rib was broken and my nose was badly cut. It's good that now at least you can walk in a mask, you can't see what kind of quasimodo I am, but I definitely won't get a job for a long time now.

Автор: 02.07.2017

I'll tell you about the problem, I worked at a furniture factory and received 400 euros, everything was enough. They offered to work in a cafe on the condition that after 1 year they retire and I rent and work for myself.

My sister got divorced and moved in with me, and I missed her.

Автор: 02.07.2017

Hello! I wrote about 100 letters to your administrations, I received nothing but humiliations. Everyone has long forgotten and does not know what Afghanistan is. I was in Afghanistan with my husband for two years. Two years of hell. (More precisely, one year and 11 months). I will not describe the conditions in which we lived.

Автор: Alexey 02.07.2017

Health to you. My name is Alexey. In 2016, I made a mistake when I accepted a loan offer from a Bank. I worked and paid fairly, but the restaurant where I worked closed, and the Director changed in another and stopped paying wages. While looking for a new job, the debt grew over $8000. 

Автор: Elsa Romanova 02.07.2017

I really hope that you will read it. It all started a year and a half ago when my husband and son and I started renting an apartment, at that time both my husband and I had loans already. The first couple of months got into debt because there was nothing to pay for the apartment, they borrowed from anyone.

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