Children's equestrian school asks for help

Good afternoon. My name is Elvira. I live and work in the town of Orekhovo-Moscow region and organized in 2014. Volunteering child equestrian school (the direction of jumping). To do this, I was offered to rent a building equipped with a stable at Orekhovo-Zuevo, forest park "Mill".

Since 2014 this building I rent in a lease paying rent is always timely. But the landlord did not perform and do not comply with the terms of the contract, not the overhaul of the building. In 2014, it would take people to wait in the stables available and be able to capitalize on the rent (as the school itself does not pay, I will not raise prices and take to school all those who can not even pay in a timely manner).

I had the most to do capital repairs of floors and roofs, to have suitable conditions for the existence of the tenant I did not recover my costs to repair, I vzymaya with monthly rental fee in full. I was a hostage situation, having (bought on credit), horses and ammunition for its equestrian school.

Landlord, knowing my situation, namely, that I can not afford to move out to another place (I do not have any land or financial possibilities to build their stables in the city), just blatantly does not fulfill the conditions of the contract and require the rent. The building of the stables, which he does not repair, went into decline, the guests have left me not wanting to keep horses in these conditions. 

There was just me and my livestock, and I do not what to pay rent. My children-athletes with a successful start in 2014 all seasons on jumping competition across the Moscow Region (KSK "Sonnet", "Orel farmstead" Ramenskoye Hippodrome, Maxima Stables and many others KSK), their achievement for me are invaluable.

It's the younger generation, education of which I, by virtue of its ability, also trying to do, creating a jumping school. And children can instill a lot of good qualities, giving them contact with the noble animals like a horse! In my school, I put all my soul, a lot of work and worry. Each horse of my livestock (for me at the moment 6 goals) worked out by me for the school, at any level of rider.

At the moment I have a debt of rent 200 thousand rubles, and it will grow because earn billeted I have no way to force the foregoing. Now I am with my horses landlord kicks out. What do I do in this situation, I do not know. I did not move out, and where there is nothing, keep horses too.

Administration of the city, I do not need, though I am doing a noble cause. I am not a rich, I work just the bookkeeper. Maybe there is the possibility of financial assistance to sports (schools, like mine)? I will not refuse from any help. The situation is I have a very heavy and I do not where to go.

I'd love to develop on its own, on its territory in his stable without depending on the landlord. Develop the school to develop more areas related to horses (hippotherapy). Ready for long-term projects in the development of children's equestrian sport. Information more about my school (KSK "Hunter") is, in my group from Contacts, here's a link to my group - "VKontakte" /ksk.ohotnik, I'll add a photo in an annex to my letter.

Help me please. My details - Map Savings Bank Card number: 4276 4000 2354 7640. Thank you in advance for your reply. Sincerely Nadeina Elvira Sergeevna. Phone: 8-962-917-04-80.

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