Forced to ask for help

1. Hello good people! My name is Irina. I appeal to those who have left a little bit of human compassion in the heart, to those who perceive the pain of others as their own. I am a single mother, she was left without work and livelihood. I am currently going through a difficult period in his life, it seems to me that get any worse.

In our country it is difficult to find a job. Help me to open my shop, I want to become an entrepreneur and provide the population with food and things. Different ways to find a job I do not have. Donate much as you can.

I know I can not help the rich. But even the little things that you do not regret it for a good cause, help me cope with the difficulties and gave me hope that I will succeed.

May God grant you health and long life. Web Money WMR in rubles - R180354683234, WMZ in $ - Z893565871277, Yandex Money - 410,013,027,740,615.

2. Good evening, Vladimir Vladimirovich. I want to ask about raising the retirement age. I'm with the Orenburg Region, Bright village. We had SFNZ plant. One shop suddenly closed, 260 people just kicked on the street. The second half of the plant until its last breath, like how to December.

I am 45 years old, hot experience I do not work out, go somewhere, do not take the job. How can we survive? I still have a small child of 10 years, that I did have to dress, shoe, and feed? And in all excellent.

Disabled child does not receive help

3. Hello. My name is Irina. My son is 9 years old, -Disabled child with childhood genetic disease - chondrodystrophy. The head is light, but the arms and legs almost do not grow. As a result of violation of the proportions of the body, small stature (adult grows maximum 136 cm), bent limbs (varus-valgus deformity of legs). It does not get any help, no benefits, no nothing.

From July 2014 we are in Russia. Acquired citizenship of the Russian Federation in January 2018. But we have a temporary residence in, t. To. Constantly to register us nowhere. Its housing we do not. Take out a loan on a house we can not, because We do not have a permanent residence. For the same reason we were denied in the Pension Fund. As time goes by, the opportunities lost.

A child receives neither Artesia (splint), or orthopedic shoes or spa treatment. Material or financial aid no. I - my mother worked as a cook in the store, but my salary to buy orthopedic shoes do not have the opportunity. Money spent on accommodation, utilities payment, modest meals, transportation.

Benefits we do not receive any, and nothing. Neither public transportation nor meals at school or at a preferential income tax. All because of a lack of permanent residence. Tell me, please, what to do in this situation? My phone 8968 49 30 384 Thank you.

What to do? Help

4. Good day. I am a mother of two children, one of them disabled. We lived as a family in the country, as it turns out a mortgage on a military apartment. Husband spree led pregnant mistress. We the children were forced to leave. But in our apartment did not let her husband, handed her lodgers. And it is with money. Asked for a divorce does not apply in connection with his service.

Promised to help with housing, we waited for two years, lived in a nonresidential garage with children. As a result, he filed for divorce and wants to take away one of the children. For two and a half years that we have not lived together, he took out a loan with the mistress, without my knowledge, I did not know. And now in the court demands to me half the money. My lawyer said if I want to win the case then need a million. I do not know what to do and whom to trust. 

Guardianship agencies came together with her husband, wrote that the conditions are good. The apartment is registered me and my daughter. Winter is coming this winter, we will not sustain warm hairdryer. Daughter 6 years old, the son of 4 years. Help me find spravedlivost.Ya not want to give the children a strange aunt, as her husband's office, and she was my children do not need, at the very chest baby.

With the children he sees when they want to Dad. The court demanded that the apartment is divided into two personal accounts to a roof with my children. I am in despair, the idea - what to do? Whom should I contact? Help me, I will be very grateful. I live in Sochi. My room tel.8988 28 26 477.

The judge does not accept the statement of claim

5. Please help with registration at the SEC pension for her daughter. Her husband was burned in August 2017 recorded the daughter of my name because I was drunk. He acknowledged daughter, there is evidence, however, of her husband's father insists on the DNA through the courts. The judge does not accept the statement of claim and does not take the petition to the DNA.

Please help, look forward to your attention. There are witnesses, pictures of her husband and her daughter, a certificate from the administration, relatives of her husband, but during these 11 months, the judge does not accept the statement of claim, which only did not address.

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