Help me to live

Good day to all. I would like to ask for help if it happens really. About Needs: I am disabled group 2 (multiple sclerosis), set in 2007. Husband immediately fled .... scared. He left us with the son of one, without an apartment, rented accommodation. I was very ill, but the motivation to get up and move on.

I used to work for 13 hours on their feet, but right now the disease has already progressed significantly, especially in the seasonally. Go long I can not, tremor terrible, clerical work I also do not run, everything falls and spills ... Employment Service is nothing for me to pick up can not. For the payment of the apartment I pay all their pension, but for utilities in my debt has already exceeded.

Fearfully. The owner does not give rest, he lives in a neighboring apartment. He comes and rude shouts, kicks, soothing drink. Medicines need to buy, and need to eat. Please, if anyone would be able to anything to help me, even though the ruble-thank with all my heart. Write, if want to ask. Thanks a lot for your help.

Write if they need some kind of proof from me. e. mail: KIWI purse: 7953 671 3116. Map Savings Bank: 639 00 227 9000 70 44 89. The live quietly in his corner.

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