Help with money from rich people reviews

Get help with money from rich people. Reviews

Rich people refuse to help with money or help for free. Read reviews and advice on how to properly ask for money from rich people. Aid money can be obtained through the charities are engaged in specialized care. For example, help sick children cope with serious illnesses. Provide all possible assistance to the disabled and other vulnerable groups.

Peter: If you ask for money through social networks, finding accounts secured, there is little anyone help free of charge. These people no longer respond to calls for help: do not trust themselves to asylum, and blunted them have a threshold of compassion. There is likely to help ordinary people. It makes sense to refer to the rich people through an intermediary: his secretary, colleague, lover ... there are still a variety of aid funds, and in this case, the chances are great enough to help. Only need to write a good application.

Maxim: If you have an idea, the realization of which you believe wholeheartedly, for the realization of which will not regret anything, and when telling about it, you burn my eyes, I try to apply for financial assistance from wealthy people. Maecenas to be found in social networking at business forums, go to the reception to the heads of companies and firms "personal issues." The main thing - clearly explain the essence of the idea

Iraida: Lately, life has become more difficult. Salaries of my girlfriend, for example, for a month is not enough. Therefore, in the beginning she took the free products from the shelves in the stores, but was ashamed of it, as someone they are most needed. After a while, take longer. I began to look for help from more wealthy people. On the Internet found a site where the rich sponsor poor. To get money, you need to explain why you need them. Tell of his dream and people are sure to respond. And then you can give to others something in return.

Mila: Asking for help - an occupation for many unbearable. It is difficult to transcend themselves and admit to everyone that you can not cope on their own. But there are moments when you need to do it, there is no alternative. Especially when it comes to the health of loved ones. It is necessary to articulate their request: the amount, the needs, the period of assistance. Treatment must be concise and supported by the necessary documents. Then, perhaps, you may hear, and assistance will be provided on time.

Ivan: I think rich people are greedy and do not file a helping hand in difficult times. But people with an average income and below, on the contrary, would be more humane. Money spoils people and the rich do not want to part with their money, especially if you need to help a stranger or a little friend. And if it will help, then take a percentage higher than the bank and will be all my life they should.

Dasha: There are two ways to access a wealth of money using it through the media and directly directly.
The second option is suitable if there is a personal acquaintance or through someone else, but again a good friend. Otherwise, it will be perceived as an attempt to fraud. The most effective way to ask for help to the rich on the radio, television or in the newspaper. In this case, the rich can more and propiaritsya.

Alina: When our family got into a difficult financial situation, I decided to turn to a wealthy and influential man in our city. Otherwise there was no way: banks we loans are no longer issued. It operated through a common friend, who organized us a meeting. While there was, in my head involuntarily pictures of mafia movies. I was afraid that the man would demand in return something indecent or hang a terrible debt until the end of life. But the reality was much simpler, easier and more prosaic. The man listened attentively, entered the position and decided to help. Out of the crisis, my husband got thanks to his help. Of course, I gave the debt as soon as an opportunity. Nice and kind guy I caught.

Marat: The current situation in Russia is that more people are in need of financial assistance. There are two ways to resolve the problem - the gratuitous financial support of wealthy people and specialized foundations. If problems should arise with the search for charities that receive financial support from rich people it seems to be something from the category of fiction. However, it is fundamentally wrong. Many wealthy people in order to increase the rating, or popularity, or just from a pure heart organize their private charitable funds for various needs - from the purchase of drugs for seriously ill children to help people affected by natural disasters. Even in the most hopeless situations, there is a chance to support the strangers, most importantly, act!

I have a great goal and a business plan. Please help me!

I have a great goal and a business plan. Please help me! Rich people Hello! I wish you good luck. I need financial assistance. I ask you for help. This is very important to me. I'll start my business with this money, and I'll pay you on contract basis. I return the proceeds in a fixed term. Developing my goal and helping the poor. I need money to develop this business. That's why I'm asking for you. Please help me. Contact me.
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Please help

Please help who can not pay off with loans and debts. My son was in trouble, took a loan, but this was not enough, I had to take back at that time did not think that losing a job could not find another long. I did not know that it was so hard to find a job. Nervous legs were refused, almost two months was on sick leave. In addition to the loan, debts appeared, now I work, but the salary is small. We leave crumbs for food, the rest I put in the bank. I ask you at least how much, for any help I will be grateful to you. Number of the card 4276 4200 2201 3873 Savings Bank. Very much I ask, this last hope.

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Good people please help throw off the card but who may require hospitalization and then the expensive treatment of cancer. I sold everything and laid flat. I do not have 73000, hope is no longer on anyone no. Number card- 4276320016675002.

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