Help with paying loans and pay off the debts of housing

1. Hello my name is Victoria, I stumbled upon your website looking for second jobs to earn money. First, I do not even believe it, but after reading the reviews of people that there are good people who can help. I am a nurse, was living and working in rural areas, but decided to move to the city.

I went to work in the center of the figure correction, all liked, and it was time to the salary they said that I do not work here anymore. I was waiting for the money, because I need to pay the loan for a month in 5500. I took in the familiar, they should, took a loan in the amount of 8,500 rubles to pay within two days, but since I moved to the city I rented an apartment for 13 000 + utilities. Quite simply burn and does not know what to do, my mother did not ask myself the whole loan pays and the never my mother did not try to take the money. Birthday soon she, generally embarrassing. Though in stability enter debt-free, and I'll get a job, my card 4,276,540,033,767,488.

2. Please help me pay off the debts of municipal board. Found themselves in a difficult situation, my husband lost his job, and the other we do not, the village falls apart. We have many children, have three sons and a daughter. Grow long, and there is nothing to extinguish them. Payments have astronomical. We live in the Novgorod region in the village of Bear. I'm desperate, money is not enough even for food for the children. Officers came, would describe the property, but given a reprieve. Card number 220 220 017 351 4249.

3. Hello, I can not have six years to pay off the loans, small salary, the forces already there. He worked two jobs, to sense not only earned a hernia and the debt rose to 600 thousand rubles. While he was in a hospital and an apartment parents took for ever for the debts.

Now I can say on the street, rent an apartment, give all salary and do not want to live anymore. My card number 5368 2900 2538 3433. And again, my father died and my mother an invalid 2 groups in retirement, do not know how to live.

4. I never thought I would have to ask for help from strangers. I'm ex-military, decommissioned disability, invalid of the second group. Nonoperating injury received in the performance of duties of military service. Allocated an apartment in a military town, but after a year and a half it had to be exchanged for two-bedroom in connection with the divorce. 

Stayed with ten son alone survived, moonlighting as I could. Then again I tried to make a family. Not a single day sitting at home, worked, but four years ago ill - oncology. While walking on the surveys became worse, climbed into loans. Assured that it is possible to recover, and then disappeared med.karta in the clinic.

Now make examinations and treatment no one can. I live at the expense of blood transfusions every two months. A dependent child 13 years. Wife while I am a fan does not work as care for and do injections, and no one. The debt on the loan is already 500,000 rubles. Pension 15500 rubles, of which rent is 6,000 rubles, 5,000 rubles medication. On the rest are trying to survive. The wife of this life is going to go away, and I without them does not make sense to live.

5. Welcome! I've never had to ask, and this year has forced the need. The salary is small, debts for utilities are growing, currently 25,000 rubles, loan payments under pressure. There was one 10 year old daughter. Son help they can. We wanted to move into the village, but again the problem needed money to repair the house. Help please, throw off the map to waste money. Thank you very much in advance, there is hope that we still have sympathetic people. 5313150113041085 card number.

6. I never thought that one day will stand with an outstretched hand, but otherwise - at least in the loop. Accumulated debts of communal come here today, the water cut off. Plus two credits. Please help at least some as the most scratch is unrealistic. My account on Yandex Money: 41001640155750.
Thank you!

7. Good afternoon! My name is Oksana me 34 years. I do not know if my appeal is worthy of your attention to help, but it's up to you. I'm not lazy, and not an idle, working with 17 years and I have never been thought to get depressed and give up no matter how hard it was. I have a son, he was 10 years old, assistant and studies well, the truth is a bit weak health.

Autoimmune disease is found, but the time and have treated so far so good, but still have to constantly surveyed, there is still a problem with the back, like many children unfortunately. We have found a solution, go to the sports section in the pool, but the whole problem is of course not solve, but still have the benefits.

We have our own little old Gazelle, her husband works for her, but for some reason some years it does not carry the work, the machine is old, it breaks down constantly, you pay a little hard on her, but turns as you can. 15 years, we have toiled for rented apartments as the inheritance left us no one, and his parents a small apartment and live with them at all is not an option.

But here 3 months ago a miracle happened! We took an apartment in the mortgage, but the truth is not drawn up on us, and on my own sister, as I have a small salary, and her husband does not officially working. That would be happy, but I'm really glad, because many of such and can not dream of, but as time passed and I became a little discouraged.

You have to pay more than for a removable plus utilities, respectively, for the repair of already nothing remains. It becomes so disappointing, especially for his son, so he wanted to make room for school, rather than that, but still this feeling that the sister of the mortgage, and whether that in life they will need little, and here I am with my mortgage.

Just now, a lot worse than I went to work the case, so I decided to write, because now we have a son still in school to collect, and we ourselves without winter clothing. In general, we want to have long been a daughter, I'm still quite young to give birth, but with such a child debts. And in fact I did not even ask just money, can someone can lend large sums of money without interest or with minimal interest, so that I could close on the mortgage bank to the sister did not depend on me, and so that our family could a little to breathe freely.

Please do not judge strictly, I understand that there are situations in life are much worse than mine, but we really had a hard time over the years, because I simply did not paint all the difficulties that we must overcome. I will be glad to any Responders, even if you just help her husband find a normal job, it will be a help. Here is my elektronku


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