How to get out of this trap / I request financial assistance

Good morning. My story is banal, like many people in our country. I got into the financial hole. It all started with credit cards, then loss of a job, can not pay, and away we go, one loan to pay off your credit card, then the micro loan to pay the monthly payment on the loan.

As a result, I gained MFIs Mama Do not Cry. Now I work, I pay two loans, but the closure of the micro-loans are sorely lacking. And I do not even have known how to be and how to get out of this trap. To repay loans all at once, I need 200 TR, the amount dripped certainly is not small.

Where to go, whom to ask? Lose heart, the last hope for a miracle. Although, as they say, there are no miracles. But perhaps me someone can give this amount in debt for a long period without interest? Only a month will be able to return thousands 2-3. More I can not.

I ask all not indifferent, if you can help. I would be glad of any sum. Here are my details: card VTB24 - 5368291008047557, there is a map RRDB - 4132030101918746. Or write me an email with suggestions - All kinds of bays, etc. please do not bother, too many I've seen scams. I'm over it. Thank you for your attention, I hope that there are people who will help me!

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