I am writing from the grief and pain/ In my apartment arrested

1. I write with grief and pain. In this world, each has its place. Our place on this earth - agriculture. We raise the bread to our children and grandchildren continued to live and work on the ground. We decided to build a dairy farm on the 50 head of dairy cows. A farm built by 50%, bought high milk yield cattle, but in our house knocked trouble.

June 22, 2018 my husband died, and all construction stopped. Please help, help financially to finish the farm. Ahead of winter, my cattle will die. I ask for your advice, to whom you can turn for help. All documents for the construction of I give, the death certificate. I beg to hear me, help people who are working without weekends and holidays. +7 (928) 826-11-52, e-mail: 0305010@mail.ru Antonina.


2. Hello, my name is Olga. I am with my husband and two daughters have to live in the country. The husband after the death of his mother left section (Building 32, built collapsed), but we can not translate it to yourself. No money. I have a room of 15 meters in the area, my mother lives there.

I had to live in the country, is also an old house. Not enough money, bought the wood for the winter. Child's school collected in debt. About fixing the house only dream of. Winter blows from everywhere. Children often get sick. Help me please. Map Savings Bank of Russia 4817760067269948.

At my apartment arrested

3. Please urgently provide assistance in the amount of 1,000,000 rubles, a very needed money for surgery. There was a force majeure 23/07/18. between the seller and I Ohromenko LL It was signed a preliminary agreement on the sale and purchase of apartments. I, in turn, also the buyer for the purchase of my apartment. Transactions were to be held 10/05/18, 10/02/18 but I know that at my apartment arrest, which led to the breakdown of non-cash transactions and to carry out the operation. Ask urgently contact me tel 89281203346, card numbers announced.

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