I pray for help!

Hello! Never before did not apply here so people unfamiliar! I write because there is no other exit remained. Two days to pay for a removable apartment 10000 rubles otherwise hostess evict! We in the hands of a small child 1.8 baby! I myself in the decree, the husband cut, we have nowhere to go, and as it turned out, too, no friends.

I know I can be condemned, I will hear, and to those who will bow low! Help, who than can, please! Savings bank card number 4276 4000 5895 7490. We will be glad of any help, no one to help us, the child left 200 rubles for food, how to be I do not know. Though he goes out with his hand outstretched. Help us, please, I beg you, on my knees ...

Бедные люди сами несут ответственность за свою бедность

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