I request financial assistance

Hello! My name is Svetlana I am 27 years old, I'm married, we have a daughter two years, currently expecting their second child. Please help in the repayment of loans. At the moment, we have a difficult situation, I do not work, only the husband and his entire salary goes to the credit and do not even have hanging a large debt I have received calls from the bank every day.

I am a very emotional person, I take everything to heart, constantly crying, very afraid for the future of the child and for his daughter. No one to help us, I'm an orphan whose parents died when I was still small, her husband only mom, we live in it, even products she buys, we just do not have enough money.

The situation is hopeless, I am very ashamed to ask for money, I hope there are good people and will help us, we just had no one to turn to. In advance thank you all very much! My Yandex purse card number 410012886490943 afraid to leave.

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