My family got into a very difficult situation

Good day to all. Very ashamed to write, asking for help from you, but my family and I were in a very difficult situation. My name is Nadezhda. It all started with the fact that her husband was "voluntarily" dismissed from work without paying wages. Year I am looking for a job, earning it here and there, but I worked.

Then came my turn and fired "at will", as in my place came girlfriend boss. I paid a small salary (roughly thrown), asked from the hostel. I lived for some time with my parents in their rented apartment. There are no conditions, and claims against each other save up.

Immediately after the New Year she learned that she was pregnant, and her husband found work in shifts. It would seem - live so rejoice, but ... the constant lack of money, inability to give something needed eldest child, loans (their inability to repay), hassle home and visiting hospitals. my husband's salary was enough for a small. We decided to move out from their parents.

In the village the apartment or house was not, therefore, moved to the city. Most of the money goes to the apartment and com services. Two children: they need to feed, clothe, to pay for school. In general, costs a lot, do not see the exit. My children and for child care up to 1.5 years - do not understand: how and where to disappear!

I also have a mother's capital, but not with our small salary debts husband is a drop in the sea! Really we want your property! And so I ask the help from you. I understand that most lives are now so. And I repeat is very embarrassing, but really want to see my kids still had his father's house, that they had a place to live, where to go back, not to wander from apartment to apartment, and you have had a chance like my husband. Just takes longer despair for so many years and neither of their homes, nothing ... Help! We have helped and will help those in need and on, but now I'm asking for help. Savings Bank VISA card number: 4276300027213993.

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