Please help in the repayment of the loans

I never thought that I will have to seek the help of the money on such resources, ashamed. But the debt over time, only grow (I'm married, family, three children, two daughters and a son, everything was fine, got married at 26, had a daughter in the same year, they lived with their parents, second daughter was born, took a mortgage in the secondary housing.

Enough money for the family, trying to earn more, eventually got a job in another city in a large company, life is getting better, and the son born by this time. My happiness knew no bounds, I'm a grown man adequate, but thought it would be so always, like a fairy tale. I took the car loan for a secure and comfortable ride to work in a nearby town but also for the family itself.

3-4 years management of the company has changed, changed the style of management, this is the norm, only began massive reforms in the staff structure. Trying to dislodge from office management team including me suggested to resign, then simply find dirty scheme using third parties to interfere with work duties, began repeatedly depremirovat 100% of prescriptions for state institutions at those responsible for these violations were the other staff.

As a result of these depremirovany to support his family by a few had to take out loans, while paying the loan for cars and mortgages. 2017 unable to withstand the pressure was forced to resign and look for another job, moonlighting on the little things are not officially in 2-3 months got another job with a lower salary, a year has passed, this year's loans only grew.

Despite all the debts and credits like to arrange a holiday abroad like normal people because we do not continue to Tatarstan where not traveled with the family, even in his childhood, the parents could not afford. Dumped at sea three children 11, 9 and 3 years old and his wife for 10 days I was able to, having spent 250 thousand credit.

As a result, loans including mortgages currently stands at 1200000 rubles, the monthly consumption of 39-43 thousand. Rub. excluding unforeseen costs and needs of children in new clothes. My salary is 45-50 tons. Depends on sales. I never learned to punch your cash ceiling.

It is a shame, a hefty man, depressed and had to ask for help, I beg everyone who can help to pay off at least half of the amount to which written 500-600 rubles. Mortgage I am able to will myself to pay as before, but with big interest loans afraid not pull! I understand that because of the silly frivolous intentions, I blame myself, I am not to judge.

But not for the sake of the children ask themselves. Wife just returned to work after the decree and I comforted her all right, sit pier homes occupied by children. But I could not resist the well-being of the family. Very embarrassing children on weekends elementary treat is not enough money. If you have good hearts willing to help, card number 5336 6900 5057 3189.

Помогите погасить кредиты

Здравствуйте. Меня зовут Ираида. Прошу помощи от не равнодушных людей. Мы с мужем попали в кабалу в мфо. Погасить нету возможности так как есть еще кредиты проценты каждый день растут. Звонки с утра и до ночи. Я пенсионер и пенсия у меня минимальная. Муж тоже получает мало, денег нету даже на еду. Прошу помогите нашей беде. Даже если мы продадим комнату в которой живем и расплатимся по долгам то окажемся с мужем на старости лет на улице. Вот моя карта сб. 4276420023140808. Яндекс кошелек 410014251662059

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