We dream of buying a home

Good afternoon! Our family has a dream, which we decided to tell on all the thematic sites. Let's get acquainted!? My name is Irina, I am 35 years old, my husband is Yaroslav, he is 31 years old, and our daughter is Maria, she is only 10 months old. We are a happy family, we lead the right way of life, enjoy small things, love people and animals, and sometimes even very sentimental))). Adequate, hardworking, we are happy for justice, we believe in humanity and kindness. We are dreaming of buying a good house, we are going to this goal with all our strength, but so far we can not carry out our plans.

I want to tell a little about our family ... In my childhood, when I was seven years old, my mom had to take me from Belarus to Russia, because the consequences of the Chernobyl explosion began to affect my health (leukemia began). After the move, everything worked out: my mother worked in a state farm, my father came alimony (my parents were divorced), and I recovered. Together with my mother we kept a very large farm, a vegetable garden of 30 hectare, everything got used to us, the cattle did not die ... They lived well, in one word.

But soon the perestroika began in the country, the state farms collapsed, there was no food for animals, jobs were gone. Alimony stopped coming (later they learned that his father was missing). Mom, who graduated from the technical school with a red diploma, a master of sports in shooting, could not find a normal job. It was not life, but survival. In the house there was only flour, from which they baked bread, they also ate.

We decided to collect dog-rose, medicinal herbs. We went to the city for 120 kilometers and sold. I began to miss food. Over time, accumulated on a motorcycle (before walking 15 kilometers a day, in any weather) - it became easier. At that time I was 13 years old. We worked very hard, we tried to get out of poverty, we did not ask for help from anyone, we even helped those who had a worse situation than ours.

At the age of 18 I bought my first car, it was ZAZ-968, eared. Soon, by the will of fate, we found ourselves in Moscow (lived in a barracks, a room in which my mother was given a job as a janitor). We arrived with two bags, other things remained with friends in the village, from where they were safely and were stolen. Our house was rented, but a penny is paid for rent in the village. In Moscow, my mother worked on several jobs, and I worked hard, combining work with study. Soon I graduated. First we bought Oka, but I dreamed about a foreign car.

A few years later, I bought a new Opel on credit. After my career I began to get a good salary, at the request of my mother, she took her to a village in the Volgograd region, took a loan and bought her a house, a new VAZ-2104, furniture and household appliances, sent money every month for animal feed and food. Soon, at work, I met my future husband, Yaroslav, and a year and a half later our daughter was born.

My spouse grew up with my mother and two brothers. His father, a philologist, teacher of philosophy, economics and history, died when Yaroslav was 11 years old. Mom alone raised her sons. Returning from the army, Yaroslav learned to be an auto mechanic, married, he had two girls. But not always in life everything develops well, after 7 years of marriage, a happy family has disintegrated.

We met when Yaroslav was already divorced and paid alimony. I want to say that our marriage for love, the financial side, of course, is very important in the family, but we learn to experience hardships together. At first we rented an apartment, but after I went to the decree, the money was no longer enough. Now we occupy one of the rooms in the apartment of Yaroslav's parents, with us in the apartment lives his brother, and his mother with his stepfather.

We live together, the family is creative, but there is not enough room for everyone, there is very little space. Therefore, our dream is a home! Your own. Warm, bright, cozy, spacious. Native. That all generations lived together, my mother, I with the spouse, our children, and God will give and grandsons. To our children (we hope that there will be more malyavochki, except Mashenka) grew in harmony and happiness in nature. We dream that there are a lot of greenery around the house; In the morning, waking up in the spring, one could hear the singing of a nightingale; and in the afternoon, at lunchtime, lie on a hammock under the personally grown apples; in the heat to run with children to the river; work hard on your site, ennoble it; to build a husband workshop wants to do carpentry and clay craftsmanship.

Grow animals, get a cat, a dog and an owl. In the evenings to gather all the family at the table, and on weekends and holidays to invite neighbors, friends, and to organize creative evenings. We believe that if you really want, strive, go to your dream, then it will surely come true! But at the moment the situation is that there is no money to buy such a dream.

We can not sell an apartment, Yaroslav has only a share in it, and now the company (a major automobile dealer JLR), in which we worked, went bankrupt. We did not have time to take the mortgage, but now we can find a job in the same sphere (for a spouse's specialty), for adequate money, it is not possible, there are no vacancies.

Go to the official work with a lower salary does not make sense, the bank will not approve a mortgage with such a salary (a certificate of 2-NDFL is almost a prerequisite for mortgage lending), and for life, alimony, child, mother, and also to pay a mortgage money just is not enough. Now my husband works in the film industry.

The work is creative, very interesting, many people dream about. But it is fickle, partly seasonal, breaks between projects sometimes make up a week. The spouse is trying hard to provide for the family, on time to give alimony, moonlighting in his spare time, but we could not save money for the initial payment (budget is reasonable, no excesses). We want to sell the house that I bought to my mother for making a down payment, but I still do not want to get a mortgage, and they will not give it to us. We tried to start our own business, but frankly, we do not have enough brains.

Performers we are excellent, but the businessmen of us did not work))). And so, having found this site, we decided to write to everyone about our desire. Maybe someone will read our history and be able to help us realize our dream, we will be very grateful! And maybe a miracle happens, and someone can help with the whole amount, and we'll give it away, and maybe someone will offer a good job to the spouse (he's clever at me, honestly).

Thank you in advance for any help. Are ready to become good friends helping people, are ready to render the feasible help in other, non-material questions. I am writing this letter to everyone: the reader, myself, the universe, God. And I believe that space will respond to our call. For those who wish to help us send my e-mail, for primary communication, (nonstop28@bk.ru), or Sberbank card number if you wish to remain incognito (4276 3801 2714 6053).

Please do not blame us for our dream, for our desire. We understand that very many people do not have enough money for food, but we ask for it already. Believe me, we also lived in poverty. It's just our dream, it's not worse, and no better than others, everything in the world is relative: for someone a piece of bread is already happiness, and someone dreams about the fifth Lamborghini. As they say in the well-known film of the times of the USSR: "I have a desire to buy a house, but I do not have the opportunity. I have an opportunity to buy a goat ... but I have no desire. " I wish everyone on this site good, and everyone asking for help!

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