I ask for help

I ask for help! I do not even ask - I pray with tears! Debt to the MFI (not one), with the dope I took when I worked at the previous work. Then the dismissal, the search for a new job, went to training courses (again, in the long run), to cover the debts, gained new ones. I tried to take loans from the bank in order to pay the MFI's debts and pay the bank gradually (because the percentage is not comparable less), but they don’t give.

The point is already spoiled KI, the lack of permanent registration and lack of experience at the last place of work. She got a job, but the nearest salary in a month, and even then not completely. And during this time there will be just mad fines. The common man against the background of all this said: "I understood myself." He helps keep the children (I have two of them), but this is enough only for food. I rent a room in a hostel.

You need more than 40,000 rubles. To pay interest and begin to pay all these debts in parts. I am not asking you to pay off all my debts! I beg you (I’m ready to kneel if it helps) to help me get this situation off the ground! At the moment I have not a penny, so the amount for me is very heavy! I beg you! Help! At least as many as you can! As the saying goes: "with the world on a thread" (I will be very grateful even for the smallest amounts for you).

Sberbank card number: 4276550067650906 Lyubov Vladimirovna K. If there is a possibility (desire) to borrow more weighty amounts, write an SMS, whatsapp - I can not take the phone for obvious reasons (calls overcome), tel: +79242385823. I would be glad to any proposal add. earnings (within the law and morality, without sex) with the payment immediately, write to the same number. Territorially I live in St. Petersburg, I am not afraid of hard and dirty work, there is also the experience of a seamstress motorist. Please do not let my hope die. Help to get out of this.

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