I would like to arrange a holiday

Hello! Congratulations to all a Happy New Year! Let it be all the happier for leaving. And where else, if not for the New Year to talk about dreams ?! In fact the site seems to be dedicated to this topic? But too sad here posts. Against the background of my position does not seem to be probably difficult life situation from a social point of view.

After all, I do not ask any treatment or the closing of the loan, more of a debt, and so on. D. But happy as I can, however, do not feel. So, for some time I became a pensioner with a pension of 8095 rubles exactly. This, of course, with an additional charge to the cost of living. And it is precisely this in our city. In the coming new year promises to raise about 300 rubles!

I live alone, no benefits and subsidies. What do I want: after all, so many live. But it is not easier to me from the fact that many live UNFORTUNATELY! What do I want in particular? Only 1000 rubles, to once a year to arrange a holiday: buy a cake, a light wine, snacks. With the celebration of the coming already just did not get a new year, but still ahead of March 8, May Birthday, and so on. D.

Better yet, go to the cafe. Yes, even in a movie theater. But I can not afford anything, absolutely. Yes, against my wishes of others reviews look almost any whim, and this ordinary human needs. Why not work? Sure: the majority of indignation arose this question.

I will not go into a long explanation, talking about his profession. I can only say that my profession is outdated - I'm a librarian, graduated from Oryol branch of the Moscow Institute of Culture. What is it in our time, can know only those who work or worked in the library. I will not reveal all the secrets.

Well it is not relevant now, these institutions of culture, not to talk about them. And they say only good reports. They reduce or even close, poorly funded, especially in cities. The settlements and villages situation is even better: it is the heart of local culture and communication. My ex-director, of course, would now objected to the relevance.

Yes, I tried to return. But if she said to me: "What is now retired?" "Positions there, and, if necessary, I would prefer someone younger." Why not another job? What we can do more? Positions in our city very little, and if there is, it takes a different experience in a different specialty. Yes, still need animators, caretakers, cleaners. The last especially.

Yes, I tried that, too. Three times. Once I settled into the hotel concierge. It would seem that what is easier? But here I was offered to clean up four floors of the building, except for the numbers (they clean the maids). I made. But I was offered more room to wash bowling. I made. The next day, I just could not get up. You can continue in the same spirit more, but do not want to bore readers.

Yes, there is such a "bread" posts, as a cloakroom, watchmen (they mostly cut), the caretaker. But behind them all the grandmother kept a stranglehold. I have bypassed all. It's about the work. And what about the dream? ... After all, we are sharing the dreams. I still dream of a sofa bed. Specific model: Damiani mini evroknizhka brown. Price - 14700. Online Store LayfMebel.

You know, I've never had my bed and slept on a normal bed only in childhood from their parents and, oddly enough, in a student dormitory. Then there were the chairs, beds narrow and rigid, narrow sofa, too rigid. And I saw on the Internet .... And the dream. But I can not afford.

The third dream - to erect a monument on the grave of my mother. She died a year ago. She was a teacher of foreign language in school. But even I can not afford. Here, perhaps, and all. You can certainly enumerate many desires. But I do not want to dream and to take any desire beyond normal human needs.

Someone wants to have a private plane, the island, his estate. All this at the expense of taking away space from others. Even private car takes up much more space than a passenger in a taxi. And just in case my SAVINGS card number: 63900208 9011273170 WebMoney: R394126899517.

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