Help me get out of the pit, and I will help many others

Good day, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich and all who reads this appeal, my name is Boris. I live in the city Kodinsk, Kezhemsky District Krasnoyarsk Krai. The problem I started in 2012, when PI closed. It's not gone, not cost-effective in our town, and the banks refused further assistance since already addressed and credit purchasing equipment.

In general, it had to shut down, the equipment sold, but under the loan is still under pressure, and the amount already solid, about 2-million, that's not good. I am officially working, the wife too, but with the salary, in our town, it is simply impossible for something to change.

Our daughter 5th year went walking in the garden, but there, too, even though we pay anyway debt is not extinguished, because it lacks a fully prepay. My son is 16 years old, pay child support when there is you pay. Map Savings Bank ie account arrested because of arrears of alimony, already 400 thousand plus accumulated.

While built BoGES was all right, he's built and our town has calmed down. The situation is at an impasse, until I find the initial capital. In general, if in fact that I decided to do. I'm somewhere in the middle of June 2017 and engaged in learning, I intend to become a professional trader and investor.

During this time, he met with a number of reputable companies that offer to cooperate, in my case the company does not help, so I need to invest in yourself, to output a good steady income. I need the sum of 1500000 p. to 2000000 rubles, and I get out of this bondage.

No wonder I get to work in the direction of the stock. During all this time, from 2013 to the present day many think how to change the lives of others, how to help the needy. I intend to open a company, which will make their strategies in helping homeless children who need treatment, people with disabilities, we will help and heal people.

Help me get out of the pit, and I will help many others. I just do not know where to turn, please, please help realize my plans, my intentions. My phone number 8-923-334-34-12 8-965-915-87-45. My card BIN 4627 0449 5083 5747 my QIWI purse 89233343412, email:

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