Large family in need, your help is very necessary

ABOUT US Hello! Kind people! Help me please! For the sake of all Saint, I ask help for the sake of children! I practically bring up children. I really want to believe in kind people! I do not know if they will help, but decided to write! I beg you not to condemn! We all walk under God, and it is not known how life will turn!

My mother, seven underage children, my husband suffered three strokes and an operation to remove the kidney, my children, Zhenya, 17 years old (the sick child) Katya is 13 years old, Lisa and Nastya are twins 7 years old, Misha is 6 years old, Dima is 4 years old and Matvei is 2 years old . So destiny ordered, and none of us could foresee that my husband will receive a disability, now the husband is recovering, but the treatment requires a lot of money, our family is now very difficult.

We really need help. If there are extra toys, things, can anyone can send sweets to the kids. There is no money for food, social security funds go to pay for utilities, a kindergarten and school meals and medicines. And I want to see children happy, to dress up beautifully my kids! Very much I ask, I beg, will respond, who can! I will be very grateful, everyone who can help us in any way!

I really want to believe that there are more good people! The Savings Bank's card is 5336 6900 7749 2876 or Yandex - no. 410013742612339. For parcels our address is: Voronezh Region, Novousmansky District, p. Lower Katukhovka Str. Esipova d 32 index -396316 Grebenshchikova Lyudmila Vladimirovna my phone +7 (930) 401-10-31 Our documents on the free site.

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