How to save money

How to save money


  • 1 11 ways and 13 tips on how to save at a small salary
    • 1.1 How to learn to save money at a small salary
    • 1.2 What can be saved today
  • 2 How to save money in the family - effective ways and methods of proper distribution of funds
    • 2.1 How to learn to save money
    • 2.2 methods
    • 2.3 What can be saved
    • 2.4 Expenditure on food
    • 2.5 How to save electricity
    • 2.6 Bad habits
    • 2.7 Cheap analogues
    • 2.8 How to save money at a small salary
    • 2.9 Budget allocation
    • 2.10 Financial Accounting
    • 2.11 How do I start to save money and save money
    • 2.12 Videos
  • 3 10 tips how to learn to save money and save even at a small salary
    • 3.1 1. Set aside the money immediately
    • 3.2 2. Keep a stash that you can spend
    • 3.3 3. Analyze incidentals
    • 3.4 4. Keep personal finance
    • 3.5 5. Buy items on the list
    • 3.6 6. Keep a card with cashback
    • 3.7 7. Plan for major purchases in advance
    • 3.8 8. Find a part time
    • 3.9 9. Do not take loans
    • 3.10 10. Close your credit card
  • 4 How to save money and save money at a small salary in the family - 5 Tips from the expert table +
    • 4.1 1. Save the family budget - a good habit
    • 4.2 2. Do I need to save on products, food and electricity
    • 4.3 5 tips from the experts how to save energy in apartment
    • 4.4 3. How to learn to save money - 10 ways to save money at a small salary
    • 4.5 Method №1. We are building a chain of financial priorities
  • 5 10 ways to learn how to save money and start saving
    • 5.1 Saving money - the original foundation of financial stability
    • 5.2 10 reliable ways on how to save and accumulate money
    • 5.3 Method 1: Development of financial priorities
    • 5.4 Method 2 is necessary to delay a certain percentage obtained by means earnings
    • 5.5 Method 3: Accounting for the revenue and expenditure of the personal budget
    • 5.6 Method 4: Compile a list of required products before shopping
    • 5.7 Method 5 purchase goods-analogues of corresponding quality, but at a lower cost
    • 5.8 Method 6. Providing inexpensive but useful diet
    • 5.9 Method 7. fully eradicate bad habits
    • 5.10 Method 8: Optimization of payments on a bank loan
    • 5.11 Method 9. Getting rid of unnecessary costs for communication services and the Internet
    • 5.12 Method 10. Installation of meters for gas and water
  • 6 10 tips to learn how to save money
    • 6.1 How to save on food?
    • 6.2 How to save on transportation?
    • 6.3 How to save on utilities?
    • 6.4 How to save money on clothes?
    • 6.5 Keep a record of purchases
    • 6.6 Set aside money in the bank
    • 6.7 Try not to borrow money
    • 6.8 Be able to refuse
    • 6.9 Get a piggy bank
    • 6.10 Save on bad habits
  • 7 10 ways to save money right
    • 7.1 Ways to save money:
    • 7.2 1 Get yourself a useful habit, like counting money spent
    • 7.3 2 Learn to plan costs
    • 7.4 3 Would you like to learn to save? - totally abstain from loans
    • 7.5 4 After receiving the money, go straight home
    • 7.6 5 Council at number five - Head of the treasury
    • 7.7 6 Carefully relate to shares and sales
    • 7.8 7 Learn how to save money on bad habits
    • 7.9 8 Keep your money in the bank
    • 7.10 9 Save to housing
    • 7.11 10 Use discount cards
  • 8 How to learn to save money and save money
    • 8.1 The program is saving and accumulation of money
    • 8.2 How to delay?
    • 8.3 Table savings and savings
  • 9 How to save money in the family
    • 9.1 Classification of the family budget
    • 9.2 Principles of the family budget

11 ways and 13 tips on how to save at a small salary

Over how and what to save money thinking and millionaires, but  learning how to save money at a small salary, because a simple household incomes almost do not grow, in contrast to the prices in the shops.

In most regions of our country wages of the vast majority of people does not exceed 15 000 - 20 000 rubles, which, you will agree, it is a small amount for a comfortable stay of one person, not to mention the families with small children. In this regard, and brewing the question of how to save money at a small salary, in such circumstances, to postpone for a major purchase or own housing?

How to learn to save money at a small salary

Chances are that by learning to manage their money and save even with a small salary, you will not only raise their status, but also be able to quickly and easily give up bad habits, become healthier and freer.

An excellent motivator for anyone who does not know how to save at a small salary, but really wants to learn it, will be staging some important goals in life, which will encourage the rational spending of the family budget.

What can save you today

  • expenditure on goods in section "I want";
  • rejection of bad habits;
  • telephone (especially mobile);
  • travel expenses;
  • communal payments;
  • Food;
  • wardrobe items;
  • household chemicals;
  • gifts.

What you need to do is to learn to save with a small income?

To learn how to save, a thorough analysis of the spending from the budget, eliminate or minimize the most expensive costs. To do this, at least for one month is written to the table on the computer, your phone, in a notebook or any other way you want all of your expenses. How it will look around, clearly demonstrates the table :

Date spending sum What money is spent? special Notes
01/11/2020 100 p. fare
13 p. buy bread necessarily
38 p. sugar buy
320 p. coffee pack
200 r. phone recharge necessarily
68 p. buy chocolates

How to save money in the family - effective ways and methods of proper distribution of funds

Extra spending money are natural for large income, but they are not the exception to the detailed analysis for families with small budgets. Constant spontaneously rash purchases common to all. The question of how to save money in the family, many are concerned, and it will have to learn how to properly allocate their budgets, according to the obtained revenue.

How to learn to save money

To learn how to save the family budget, you need not limit their needs, and we just have to develop the ability to intelligently manage the available resources. should be to save:

  1. Keep detailed records of expenses and do the analysis. To develop good habits to identify priority areas, without which it is impossible to do, and to abandon the unnecessary spending.
  2. Plan the spending of money in accordance with the funds received.
  3. Learning to set aside for unforeseen expenses, not to take out loans during the crisis in the family - the loss of a job or the need for treatment.

Eliminating unnecessary costs do not reduce the quality of life. Saving money in the family is subject to the following rules:

  1. Not to visit shops or hungry after receiving the salary, and spend funds after budget planning.
  2. Go to the supermarket with a prepared list of products and not to buy unnecessary details, visit only those sections where the desired item.
  3. For the calculations in the store to give up plastic cards and use cash. After shopping to make their total count.
  4. When the decision to make a major purchase is better to postpone the acquisition time for a certain period and carefully weigh the need for this thing.
  5. Use discount cards and features keshbeka for discounts.
  6. Reasonable approach to the ongoing promotions, beware the temptation to purchase items for themselves irrelevant.
  7. Make regular examination by a doctor not to buy drugs in identifying neglected diseases.


Start saving money in the family by using the following methods:

  1. Method five envelopes intended for the four weeks of the month. All salary divided into five parts. Control expenditure of money is done by performing the rules - this week only allowed to use the contents of one envelope. Fifth - provided for the last remaining days of the month and to accumulate.
  2. Keeping records of purchases and pay for services, followed by analysis of expenditure. Can record expenses in a notebook, in Excel spreadsheet or use a downloaded program on the internet. Monthly analysis of expenditure committed. This method helps to detect the extra costs, and after analyzing them can be reduced or completely eliminated.
  3. Refusal of loans. Borrow on vacation, to buy household appliances, or telephone, when there is still the old - an unreasonable solution. It is better to save the money and the means for deferred relax or to buy a desired item, not to spend money on bank interest.

When planning the family budget is necessary to allocate all the expected spending in the descending order of importance and include the first from the list in future costs. All the needs of the family are given in the table below:

urgent secondary Unwanted or harmful
PitanieKommunalnye platezhiVyplaty on kredituLechenie ObuchenieOdezhdaBytovaya tehnikaPoezdka accumulation in otpuskSozdanie RestoranySpa-salonyRazvlecheniya and fitnesKurenieVrednye produktyDorogaya odezhdaNovinki technology

On what could be saved

Judicious use of the possibilities offered - it saves. Can reduce costs to:

  1. Utilities. You need to install water meters and gas.
  2. Wardrobe. Clothing purchases are made at the end of the season on sales. Do not seek to acquire a large amount of clothes - you can create new outfits with the help of a combination of several things.
  3. Household appliances. No need to buy a product with a wide range of functions - it adds to the cost of purchase. You can choose only the options you need.

food costs

Vegetables, fruits are essential for proper nutrition, so saving on them can not. Savings can be obtained by:

  1. Reducing the consumption of meat. From this quality of food does not go down.
  2. Reducing the amount in the diet of sweet desserts. This will improve the state of health.
  3. The purchase of products at competitive prices on the market before its closure.

How to save energy

you need to save:

  1. Buy energy saving lamps.
  2. When you exit off the electricity of the room.
  3. Acquire appliances, which consumes less power - Class A, AA, A +.
  4. Do not place the refrigerator next to a radiator or a heating plate, defrost it regularly.
  5. Turn off electrical appliances after use of the network.

Bad habits

In the analysis of costs can be found that smoking costs the purchase of beer consume several thousand. A lot of money is spent on the purchase of chips, carbonated drinks, alcohol. Excluding these costs, you can not only save money in the family, but also to maintain health. Rejection of them will help compensate for the lack of funds or use savings to accumulate.

cheap analogues

Large sums of money spent on the acquisition of new products or branded items. No need to strive to buy expensive products or purchase new equipment and means of communication, if the work is still old. Promoted brands of dairy products, cosmetics can be replaced by similar low-cost local producers. To do this, you need to compare their composition.

How to save money at a small salary

Small income - is not a sentence, but an incentive to streamline their costs. How to save money in the family budget? You must learn to plan costs according to the received funds. should be to save:

  1. To refuse credit as payment of bank debt increases the burden on the family budget.
  2. To determine the priority needs of the family and bring them in line with the income - so you can cut spending.

The distribution of the budget

A reasonable approach to the use of the family finances, you can identify the reserves even with a small budget. You can use the guidelines to balance income and expenses:

  1. Planning needs for a month.
  2. Be the diet for a week and make purchases on the compiled list. So you can avoid purchasing extra food and prevent spoilage.
  3. Ingredients which are used in large quantities family and do not deteriorate (sugar, flour), you can buy in store at wholesale prices and so save.

Financial Accounting

Registration of all costs help to make their analysis and to detect harmful or unnecessary expenditure. What can save the family with small jobs? To do this, there are options:

  1. Avoid trips to restaurants and cafes, and cook for family members and guests homemade food.
  2. Replace visiting spas domestic procedures, and paid employment by fitness - morning jog and exercise.
  3. Refuse harmful products (crisps, carbonated beverages) and habits (smoking).
  4. Leisure at the exotic resorts substitute excursions in the neighboring region, visits to exhibitions and museums, picnicking.
  5. Do not buy in the supermarket ready meals and convenience foods, and cook for themselves. Instead of packaged goods and slicing purchase cheaper food weight.
  6. Periodically review the tariff plans for mobile communication and select only favorable rates, which include the desired options.
  7. Buy cheap stuff from online stores.

How to start saving and save money

To understand how you can save money in the family and learn how to save, you must determine for themselves the financial goals and strive to achieve them. You can save money on a monthly basis: car purchase, vacation, housing repairs.

Real estate capital does not benefit its owner, so the savings should be used to generate additional income through investments in investment.

Money can be on favorable terms to put in the bank for a deposit with interest capitalization.

10 tips on how to learn to save money and save even at a small salary

Having savings makes a person more confident, and his financial situation - stable. But how to save money, if you have a small salary? In this article, I will share proven methods that will help to learn how to save money and generate savings.

1. Set aside the money immediately

Get a special contribution, which translate 10% of their income as soon as they are received. For example, you receive an advance payment of 5000 rubles - immediately transferred to the account 500 rubles. Optimum start for these purposes the contribution that can be replenished, but that can not withdraw money until the end. So you will not spend the money deferred to some emotional purchase.

2. Keep a stash that you can spend

There are people who are subject to emotional purchases. they often regret that bought some fashionable thing, almost immediately after the acquisition. Under the influence of emotions so hard for people not to withdraw money from a single contribution, which we mentioned in the first paragraph. If you are among these people, open two contributions:

  • The basis for savings. It translate 10% of all revenues.
  • The reserve, which translates to 2-5% of total revenues. If you want to buy something, spend money from the reserve contribution, but do not touch the principal. So you will save the main accumulation of emotional spending.

3. Analyze incidentals

To learn how to save money, it is useful to analyze your expenses. Within a month, you can make a lot of small expenses, which ultimately may translate into a decent amount.

  • For example, you pay for your home phone, while talking on his cell only. Unplug your home phone and save up to 200-300 rubles a month.
  • Maybe your expensive tariff Internet you to anything, and you can switch to a cheaper tariff, the speed of which you, too, will be enough? Get another 100-200 rubles per month savings.
  • Give up watching TV, if you have the Internet. You will save on the digital television 300-400 rubles a month.
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It seems to 100-200 rubles - these are trifles. However, saving $ 100 per month translates into savings of 1,200 rubles per year. If you find 10 such small expenditure, it will save a year already 12,000 rubles. It's good money, especially if a small salary.

4. Keep personal finance

If you want to learn how to save money even with a small salary, conduct home accounting. Keep a record of all its expenses, and analyze them every month. You will find a lot of expenses, from which in fact can be dispensed with.

Keep track of costs, you can in Excel. Special programs also have to maintain income and expenses, which allow you to conveniently group and analyze the information. One of the most popular programs for these purposes - "Home Bookkeeping".

5. Buy the list

Download a smartphone application that allows you make a shopping list. There are many free apps with functionality. Before going to the store, make a list of goods that need to buy.

Buy only the planned products. So you will save yourself from emotional purchases and the acquisition of things that really are not needed.

Make a shopping list - is a good option to save. If you have a small salary, you will be able to optimally spend it and still save money.

6. Keep a card with cashback

Many banks are now offering debit cards with cashback and interest accrued on the account balance. Use these services to receive bonuses and to save money. Interest on the balance and will not be superfluous.

Banks often offer "expensive" cards instead of "cheap." For example, offer to issue Classic card instead of Electron. The difference in service - a few hundred rubles, but if you want to learn to save, and consider such expenses. Do not Make 'expensive' card if their capabilities you do not need.

7. Plan for major purchases in advance

How many times had occasion to observe in stores now, people come to buy some equipment, but under the influence of that seller bought a more expensive model with features that really do not need them.

Plan all major purchases in advance. Learn gadget reviews of interest on the Internet, choose the optimum in price and features model and buy it in the store. If you will offer more expensive thing - think about the amount of memory if you really need a screen or a little more than the difference in price of 2 times?

8. Find a part time

There are situations where the salary is so small that it is only enough for basic expenses. Anything to save does not work, and the need to save money. In this case, you can look for an additional source of income.

Today on the Internet you can find second jobs, which will bring in a little money. In this case, you do not need any special training to get started. For example, on copywriting, you can earn an additional 5-6 thousand. Per month. If you set aside all of the money for a year will save up to 60-70 thousand. Rubles.

See the article that is freelancing. In this article I will tell in detail how different professionals can earn money on the Internet.

9. Do not take loans

If you have a small salary, loans are not worth taking. Even a small delay and a fine can move you to a dry ration. So try to buy everything without loans and installments. If you broke a smartphone, and a new one has no money - buy an ordinary touch-tone telephone. Purchase smarftona better to postpone until the moment when you have accumulated on it.

10. Close your credit card

As a rule, credit cards are charged high interest rates. If you have a small salary, pay the loans can be very difficult. So if you want to save money, credit cards and more close they do not use.

Try to spend less than you earn. So you can save significant money, even if your salary is low.

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How to save money and save money at a small salary in the family - 5 Tips from the expert table +

Each of us on this planet wants to live well, and nothing does not deny, but not everyone knows how to save money. A paradox of our existence is this: you wish to raise your social level, learn to save! Finances love order. Because only earn them enough, we must also be able to distribute them correctly. This fact is hard to argue.

In this article, we will reveal the following issues:

  • How to save money at a small salary?
  • How to learn to save money and save money with a small salary?
  • How to save money?

And you can learn useful tips about what methods of saving money is necessary to possess. What you need to make sure that the costs were not an obstacle to a happy life?

Believe me, following strict guidelines described, you can put your piggy bank up to 50% of its budget.

Learning to save and accumulate money by the rules and recommendations of the expert


  • 1. Save the family budget - a good habit
  • 2. Do I need to save on products, food and electricity
    • 5 tips from the experts how to save energy in apartment
  • 3. How to learn to save money - 10 ways to save money at a small salary
    • The method №1. We are building a chain of financial priorities
    • Method №2. We adhere to the rule: "Pay yourself first"
    • Method №3. Income and expenses for accounting
    • Method №4. We go to the store with a list of pre-prepared products
    • Method №5. Learning to work with analogues of the same quality, but at the cost
    • Method №6. How to save on food products - healthy, but cheap food
    • Method №7. We struggle with bad habits
    • Method №8. Optimization of loan payments
    • Method №9. We are struggling with the "money sinks"
    • Method №10. We set the counter to water and gas
  • 4. How to save money in the family - the approximate cost accounting table
  • 5. Conclusion

1. Save the family budget - a good habit

The first thing that must be deposited in your subconscious and become a key theme of life: the economy - this is not the way to reduce the standard of living, but rather competent distribution of its own budget. There is a high probability that learning to manage finances wisely, you raise their social status by reducing such costs as harmful foods and habits.

Costs are not small and not at all the right things, over time, taken with the family budget considerable amount, which is then lacking for more important expenses.

As the saying goes: penny penny gained! Smart savings - is an art, which is based on patience and perseverance.

However, learning how to save at a small salary, you will no longer carry the extra spending, but on the contrary - will benefit from the investments.


This article is intended to reveal the concept of the economy in a different light. How to correctly managing its own budget, which does not include the extra costs. The savings should allow to accumulate funds.

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Nice to have some purpose in life, which will motivate you to a reasonable allocation of funds.

The most important thing  - to understand what it takes to start saving money. Over time, this financial strategy will become a habit for you.

Change the way of life and learn to save money at a small salary should be in stages:

  • start with the classification of the expenses on the extra and necessary;
  • then note the desirability of using toll resources (water, communications, power, etc...);
  • after - to establish the power system and on the products costs;
  • the next step - the postponement of a fixed percentage of savings funds. It is better that they do not rest at home under the mattress, and work and bring income. (This is what we wrote an article - where to invest the money that they bring income)

If you overpower monthly divorced from the family budget just 10 - 20% of funds within 6 - 12 months on your own account will be an impressive amount.

Proper distribution of finances - a good way to change your life.

2. Do I need to save on products, food and electricity

Savings on such vital resources like food, electricity and means of communication is not to diet to bread and water, in the evening by candlelight and hiking trips to work.

As for the competent approach to nutrition, you will learn about it further from the designated smoking section.

Next, you will learn about the importance of rethinking the use of electricity at a time when energy prices are rising higher and higher every year.

5 tips from the experts how to save energy in apartment

Experts recommend that the industry not to neglect the following rules:

  1. Council №1 - Judicious use of electrical appliances. Take, for example, the same chargers for tablets or phones. While in the connected state to the power supply, they continue to draw electricity, while at the same time and your - money, even if the mobile device is not connected to it. The same picture emerges from a different household equipment - music speakers, TV, DVD-player.
  2. Council №2 - Application cookware appropriate parameters for electric stoves. A significant reduction in energy required for cooking can be achieved by use of the dish with a diameter identical to the diameter of the bottom of the burner appliance. In other words, the device will not be wasted to heat the air in the kitchen, which is reflected on the duration and efficiency of heating food.
  3. Council №3 - The appliance must be installed in its place. The energy consumption required for operation of the refrigerator is considerably reduced in direct proportion to its distance to the plate.
  4. Council №4 - Correct loading laundry into the washing machine. This type of household appliances consume 10-15% more electricity in the event that if you handled it, or vice versa - underload. Loading must be a corresponding parameter of the washing machine.
  5. Council №5 - Night off electrical appliances. It is recommended to disable virtually all electrical appliances during your absence and at night.

Becoming the owner of home appliances, it is important to familiarize yourself with the power class. Appliances with low energy consumption is an order of magnitude higher cost. However, this difference is very quickly pays for itself by further energy savings.

It would be nice to get a repayment habit light when leaving the room. As practice shows, it possess not everyone. However, this problem has its solution: invest in infrared sensors and save without making unnecessary movements.

Perhaps no news is and mandatory replacement of all energy-saving lamps. Significantly reduce the cost of electricity area lighting, at least in the bedroom. Bedside lamps, wall lamps will bring you much more value than the two-trehlampovye chandeliers.

Reducing the cost of electricity can provide ordinary thermos, which will save you from having to heat water kettle several times a day.

3. How to learn to save money - 10 ways to save money at a small salary

Let me introduce you to the existing methods, how to learn to save money even with a small salary. Many of them have long been widespread. If desired, and you will eventually be able to share these methods with their friends and acquaintances.

Ways to save money and how to save money

The method №1. We are building a chain of financial priorities

A rational approach to the cost - savings competent foundation. The ability to manage the family budget can be safely attributed to the category of management, whose main task is to work for its own sake. You must understand that your well-being is directly dependent on the reasonable allocation of finance that you manage.

Finances may differ both from the use of, and without it. But first you must learn how to determine the level of usefulness of a particular waste. This was in order.

Expenses for food, utilities and loans (if any) fall into the category of urgent expenses. In the less urgent investments need to be a means for entertainment and recreation, and self-accumulation.

In the list of categories is not urgent are buying and replenishment wardrobe fashionable clothes, visits to restaurants, purchase of goods for home, mobile devices, a new computer. In general, all the things from which you can abstain in the near future, or should not buy at all.

A source:

10 ways to learn how to save money and start saving

It is obvious that each of us is committed to a good, prosperous and financially stable life. However, not everyone knows that in order to ensure a high quality of life, not the least is the ability to save and hoard cash.

That's why, is not enough just to earn good money - is very important to correctly and properly allocate resources. This is what we will talk with you in our publication.

So how do you still learn how to save money and begin to accumulate even at a small salary?

Saving money - the original foundation of financial stability

The most important thing that you must remember to anyone who wants to accumulate and save money: savings - it does not mean decline in the quality of their lives . First of all, it is competent distribution and optimization of the family budget. Most likely, provided the competent approach to finance, will be able to significantly improve the standard of living.

Reasonable capital savings - is an art, for which the master will take a lot of perseverance and considerable patience. The most important thing to know where to start savings, then a competent attitude to spending will become a habit.

The transition to competent saving should be performed in stages:

  1. Initially, it is recommended to divide all the necessary and unnecessary expenses.
  2. You will then need to radically revise the mode of use of communal resources such as water, electricity, communications, etc.
  3. Run diet optimization and cost of products.
  4. Postpone savings (size determination means). Note that if you can set aside about 10-20% of monthly income, then after 6-12 months will accumulate quite a decent amount.
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10 reliable ways on how to save and accumulate money

There are a number of reliable and efficient methods that quickly will save money even if the minimum wage. Closer look at each of them.

Method 1: Development of financial priorities

The first step is to make a list of necessary expenses, as well as those that are not considered priorities. Most likely, some of the items on the list need to be removed.

  • Priority spending - is the financial cost of buying food, paying utility bills, repayment of bank loans.
  • Secondary waste - investment in training, allocation of funds for a family vacation, accumulation.
  • Totally non-urgent expenditures - acquisition of clothing fashion brands, visit cafes and restaurants, entertainment, buying the latest models of gadgets, etc.

Also important it is where exactly to invest the money saved. So, the best option - is to invest in assets to generate passive income.

Method 2: It is necessary to delay a certain percentage obtained by means earnings

This method assumes a certain percentage set aside money directly to each fiscal receipt.

At the same time, perform a similar action is necessary no matter what the circumstances, and as it did not want to spend this amount on a particular goal.


It is recommended to install a certain percentage, for example, 10-20% of total fiscal revenues, which were received in the past month.  

Note that investment in highly liquid financial instruments is the most rational way of competent management of personal funds as capital to work, rather than simply lie dormant cargo. A clear and unconditional adherence to this method to get rid of thoughts where to get funds to build passive income.

Method 3: Accounting for the revenue and expenditure of the personal budget

The need for a strict accounting of revenues and expenditures of the budget has been repeatedly emphasized by people who are successful in business and financial activities. Such structuring will provide an opportunity to track the most costly articles and optimize them.

Also, it is necessary to maintain strict control over the revenue side of the articles. In the event that there are several sources of income, a detailed analysis and consideration will determine the most profitable ones, and properly dispose of the information received.

It should be noted that the rapid development of information technology to make the process as efficient accounting. For example, special programs and applications eliminate the need to independently tabulate and analyze.

Method 4: Compile a list of required products before shopping

Drawing up a detailed list of foods to avoid unforeseen financial costs that may be the result of impulse buying. Developing a clear shopping list - insurance against unnecessary purchases. Another important way to reduce the extra costs - is to take with you as much money as needed.

It should be noted that the experts strongly recommend not to make any purchases on the day of receipt of wages.

In this situation, from a psychological point of view, man is not able to assess their financial situation very objectively.

Also, it is recommended to pay for purchases in cash only, because the financiers believe that the use of a plastic card is not economically profitable.

5. The method to purchase goods-analogues of corresponding quality, but at a lower cost

Each product or product necessarily cheaper counterpart. Those who know about it, every day can save a considerable amount of cash. As a rule, initially you need to learn to avoid the tricks of specialists such as marketing.

Note that typically purchase "analogues" refers not only food, but also other categories of goods - medicines, household appliances, etc. Most often, expensive imported goods are cheaper, but lower-quality counterparts, which have a different name.

Method 6: Providing inexpensive but useful diet

Do not forget that the transition to a healthy diet does not mean a significant increase in costs. On the contrary, in this case, they can be substantially reduced. Proper food is not always expensive, as the cost of the product packaging has a considerable influence, the popularity of the brand, as well as marketing strategy product manufacturer.

There are other ways to save on products by optimizing the diet:

  • purchase products in bulk is preferable, so it turns out cheaper;
  • make purchases on the trading market, and at the same time to bargain;
  • acquire fresh meat instead semifinished;
  • some types of products is better to buy in bulk, for example, a bag of flour or sugar, etc.

7. The method fully eradicate bad habits

It is understood that the savings on cigarettes, and to be more precise in their absence, is able to generate a lot of savings for a few months already. As for alcohol, in this case, you can even make some calculations.

Assume that an average person can drink 1 bottle of beer of 0.5 l. per day, which would cost 50-60 rubles, did not it would be difficult to calculate how much you can save money just by getting rid of this habit.


8. The method of payments Optimization of a bank loan

Most people do not even believe that it is possible to optimize their payments to repay the loan and thus pay a lot less. One of the most common ways to reduce payments - is to issue a new loan to pay off the previous one, using a special bank offers refinancing debt.

Of course, before that draw the loan, you must carry out a preliminary comparative analysis of banking products. That is, the need to examine credit conditions, become familiar with the size of the interest rate and penalties for late repayment of the loan.

9. The method of disposal of excess costs for communication services and the Internet

Also, do not deprive will get rid of unprofitable tariffs for mobile services or the Internet. In some cases, a person can connect completely unnecessary mobile app and pay for it for a long time.

One of the most common ways of wasting funds are:

  • bad habits;
  • unnecessary additional options for telecommunications services tariffs and the Internet;
  • loans for fun (an expensive car, fashionable equipment, etc.).

10. A method of installation of meters for gas and water

Installation of meters for utility services - a great way to reduce unwanted financial cost. In the absence of counter payment for utility payments made by general standards, depending on the area of ​​the premises and the number of persons that are registered in it.

In conclusion it should be noted that, subject to all of the above methods, you can quickly learn how to optimize their financial costs, accumulate a certain amount of funds in the future to transform it into a passive income.

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10 tips to learn how to save money

Most of us get less money than I would like, therefore, to learn to save and save some money for large purchases or vacation - a vital necessity. Learn it is not as easy as it might seem. Here are some practical tips.

How and what can save you money

I thought then about saving money on one of these days ... and decided to write a review article with the recommendations from the various professionals that I have ever heard. First of all, maybe you need to understand why people do save.

I see several explanations for this. Firstly, due to the recent economic crisis, many people were laid off, and as a result, lost a major source of income.

Some do not even luckier, there were laid off all family members. My point is that experts predict a new wave of crisis in the spring of 2012.

While it is not known how it will affect Russia, but does not hurt to be safe.


The second reason is to save - the desire to make any purchase. Usually this is household equipment: new TV or refrigerator, for some car or apartment.

In this connection, it is required to set aside money for the purchase. You can certainly take a loan and buy anything, at least the same storage car or an apartment, years of commercials 10-20.

But, many people actually like me, do not want to live in debt, so this is no longer an option.

And if you look into the eyes of the truth, then taking the credit, we greatly overpay, even if we get what we want immediately. At the beginning some tips on how and what can be saved.

How to save on food?

According to statistics, it is the food leaves a large part of his salary. To avoid this, do not necessarily give up your diet, you need only go to buy food a little differently.

 For example, you can save up to 10% if you buy food in a supermarket, which provides discounts discount for regular customers. Learn about this can be the consultant, or at the checkout in the supermarket.

If such a system is available, the card be issued and all subsequent purchases made with it.

It is also worth knowing that some supermarkets, prices in the week a bit cheaper than the weekend. Sometimes the difference can be up to 10%.

Therefore, try to buy the products once in the middle of the week.

 Never more than allocate one week per month for the diet, it will not only help to save a few thousand, but also cleanse the body and help improve or maintain the figure in good shape!

How to save on transportation?

The second highest spending are traveling. Usually it is the cost of the road from home to work, from work to home, if you have children, then add the cost of their travel from home to school / university and back home, plus other trips.

 To save money, you can buy a pass for the mode of transport that you use most. Find out the cost of the ticket, calculate how much you spend on your trip at least a day and be surprised how much you can save.

In the warmer months, on the condition that you do not live far from the place of work, you can walk. This budget will help to preserve and strengthen health. You can use the bike.


For example, even in Moscow, a lot of people commute to work is by bicycle. In Europe, these people even more ...

 You can get on a skateboard and roller, here it all depends on your preferences and capabilities.

How to save on utilities?

Here on utilities, if you try, you can save the most. Start with the fact that change all the "old" incandescent light bulbs with new, energy-saving. They reduce electricity consumption by 80-90% lower.

In addition, these lamps are much longer. When leaving the house, take it a habit to turn off all unused appliances: microwave oven, computer, stereo, etc ...

You them all this time not in use, and the energy they consume.

Install all possible counters, electricity, gas, water and so on. N .. Meters allow you to save a lot of money, provided that you do not pour water all day and does not make experiments with electricity.

How to save money on clothes?

Save on clothes - it does not mean to walk in rags and tattered shoes. If you are used to buying branded clothing in retail stores, it can be assumed that you do not have problems with money. But in this case, you can save significantly by purchasing tighter thing.

For this enough to come to the store, pick the right product, then write off the label article, model and size.

Then, go to the official website or online store brand clothes, to drive data from the article and wonder of the fact that you are in the store wanted to tear off ** - *** more dollars.

 For those who are not as important to the existence of the fashion label on the clothes, how much comfort and appearance, I recommend to buy clothes on sale, can be purchased via the Internet, including foreign, katabatic stores.

You can also search the Internet for information about the clothes, which is delayed by customs. The reason I do not know, guess it's smuggling, or any problems with the documents, but the fact remains that the price of this product, among which there are global brands, well below store prices.

And now some tips that will teach you how to save money a family or personal budget.

Keep a record of purchases

The first step to saving - is a record of all expenses. Not so important, you buy a plasma TV or a kilogram of dried apricots. Write down all of your expenses. To this advice did not burdening for you reveal a little trick: do not need to be recording "A pack of flour - 100 rubles, sausage - 500 rubles..."

Before you leave home, look at how much money you have in your wallet. And in the evening, when all the purchases completed, see how much money is left. Uncomplicated mathematical calculations you will get the amount you spent.

 If you do not want to count each day, roughly calculate your costs per month, divide it into 4 parts (four weeks), put in different wallets and envelopes, and for a week take the money from one envelope.


For convenience, you can write on it something like this, "1-7", "8-14", "15-21", "22-30", that is, the days of the month.

Thus by the end of the month you'll know exactly how much money is spent. If you are "you" to the Internet, you can use the special services for personal finance, good lot of them.

Set aside money in the bank

About this paragraph should be clarified.

If you are not good at investment, but actually save up money on some purchase, then the best option would be to choose the best deposit and putting their savings in the bank.

 In most cases, the additional profit you do not bring, but interest will be able to cover inflation. In addition, the bank to keep money is much safer than under the mattress or in a closet with clothes.

Try not to borrow money

A person who borrows money simply can not schedule a personal or family budget. In this case, no question about the economy can not be. However, there are different cases and sometimes need a large sum than that which we have. Here's the output and comes a loan that we take friends or a bank.

If you have money in the debt, try as quickly as possible to return them to continue not to lend. This is the golden rule of the rich, by the way! By the way, to lend money to, it is also not recommended. This does not affect positively on your budget. And remember the saying "If you want to lose a friend - lend him money."

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Know how to give

Walking past the shop with a new collection of clothes or the latest phone model, so you want something to buy. And, as a rule, we do not stand up and buy another phone, tablet (to the existing two computers and laptops) or blouse ... Control yourself before you make a purchase, think a hundred times, if you need this thing?

Get a piggy bank

This is perhaps the most banal advice to the question "How to learn to save money?". But, oddly enough, it is quite an effective way.

Buy a good, preferably beautiful (sorry that you had to break it) piggy bank and throws it all, or most of the stuff that stays with you for the end of the day.

 You will be surprised how much money you can save in this way. Of course the car is not on them you will not buy, but to travel on the subway for a month is more than enough.

Save on bad habits

Sometimes, to save enough to give up bad habits: smoking and drinking. The average smoker smokes a day 1-2 packs of cigarettes. more in stressful situations. The cost of a pack of cigarettes 50-150 rubles. How many leaves per month, count yourself. The same applies to alcohol. Although a bottle of beer on a Friday night you can afford.

This, at first glance, simple tips will allow you to save up to 30-50% of your budget. And remember, do not hesitate to inquire with your family and friends, as well as where they are able to save. Believe me, the most valuable - it's an experience!

10 ways to save money right

Good day «Tvoya-Life» Dear subscribers and blog readers. Now we have another economic crisis coming. Money is worthless, and, as it did not want, the process ceases actual savings.

But not all people can save money correctly. Therefore, below I will give you 10 ways in which you will learn how to save money.

Ways to save money:

1 Get yourself a useful habit, like counting money spent

At the end of each day, write down your expenses, the benefit is now for this there are many computer programs. I recommend the program "Home Bookkeeping" that clicking on the link, you can download: Keeping the family budget.

Keep a record of your expenses for a few months and you will see that a lot of money is spent on completely useless things, from which you can opt-brainer.

2 Learn to plan costs

Each of us has a certain amount of waste that we produce each month (utilities, loans, gas and so on). Here is their something we can, in principle, to plan ahead. Thus we can see how much money we have available, and already the basis of this to build a budget.

3 Do you want to learn to save? - totally abstain from loans

A man who lives in debt can not match its income and expenses (with a few exceptions of course), if the desire is very strong, it will allow itself to buy something, because he has a good credit card! So people and fall into the credit trap, out of which oh how difficult.

4 After receiving the money, go straight home

It is not necessary on the way to go to the supermarket or anywhere else. In large shops and supermarkets, thousands of people come up with different "chips" in order that-be to entice you moolah. Come home, make a shopping list and courageously forward. Okay, okay, bring an extra hundred or two, because it is necessary to indulge yourself, too. Well, at least, would sometimes!

How else can you save money?

5 Council at number five - Head of the treasury

Yes, this method works very well. After a certain period in the bank can be a pretty good amount. My child has accumulated so-so year for a brand new smartphone. And how to save money, read my other article.

6 Carefully relate to shares and sales

Supposedly everything is fine, and that could be wrong with a discounted price. But the low price may be poor quality goods, and in the case of products - and even delinquency. So buy everything wisely.

7 Learn how to save money on bad habits

Quit smoking, drinking and often eat at fast-food outlets. You have no idea how much extra money spent on this shit (pardon the expression, but I used to call a spade a spade), when you wreck their health? Maintain a healthy lifestyle and better work out.

8 Keep your money in the bank

Not in a three-liter, and select yourself any good and reliable bank and make it his deposit, with the possibility at any time to withdraw their money. So you also earn more interest on your savings.

9 Save to housing

Set a counter for gas and water. Use energy-saving lamps and alternative heat sources (for example, you can embed parallel boiler, which heats the waste processing), and do not forget to turn off the light in the apartment.

10 Use discount cards

If you have a discount, such as a well furnished, and your friend on the appliances, then why would not change places with him for a while? And it is good, and you are good! You can also practice the bulk purchases of essential goods, such as household cleaning products and products without expiration date.

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How to learn to save money and save money

 According to popular wisdom and the secrets of the success of the rich, it is best to save money and to save money able to millionaires. And it is usually combined with business - talent, led to the wealth they possess. Is it possible to learn this or economy or -skryazhnichestvo - in the blood of those who have succeeded?

In the opinion of the millionaires, you can learn everything. The main thing - to aim for which money is needed, and systematically set aside savings.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin (as he knew a lot about money and savings): "All the advantages in having money is the ability to use them."

Program saving and accumulation of money

How to use the money to succeeding and save and save? How not to spend all their savings, and learn how to effectively save money? At first it is necessary to get rid of the harmful myths that hinder start correctly redistribute income and put them in a specific program:


The first myth I decided to save must be prepared for what will have to deny yourself all. No. The main thing - to start planning the budget. The first evening with a notebook where to bring revenues and expenditures of the previous month will identify "gaps" of the budget, where a decent amount spent completely in vain. Or - on trifles such accumulates, which would be enough for some useful shopping. But for rational spending, acquisition of useful things that will save later, you have yourself to thank and celebrate them. For example, the purchase of a hair clipper can save on barber shop for men. Or - buy bread machine, which will pay for the cost of its acquisition of a few months, because the cost of bread cooked in it - 8-10 rubles, besides that at the store a loaf costs a minimum of 23-25 ​​and purchased regularly.
The second myth I have to give up a good product and purchase second-rate. This again contradicts the known and popular saying: "We are not so rich to buy cheap." Good, nice clothes will last much longer than those that are bought for a pittance. And what about fashion? In fact, all that is really important, expensive and effectively - beyond fashion, a style: classic turtlenecks, dresses, blue jeans, white shirts, shoes, classic shoes from good designers will emphasize glamor and nobility of its owner.
myth three Such a small salary does not allow to postpone anything. In fact, set aside a certain amount allows any income. The main thing - to plan the budget in such a way as if this amount is not in principle. Well, if the salary is really "just enough" in the "nest egg", the accumulation should be sent to all the unexpectedly formed income: premium gift, to make money, even accidentally found a bill.
myth four Bank - an unreliable organization. The money there is not burned, it is necessary to spend it here and now. Get rid of the money, you can always have time - a long time for this is not necessary. If the bank seems to be unreliable, it is possible to delay funds diversifying into various world currencies (dollars, euros) or by buying gold stocks causing respect companies.
The fifth myth Accumulate - it is difficult and not given to everyone. Saving can be learned. Spend as much as is necessary to help the many programs and resources, for example, home accounting, personal money, and others.

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Having made such a program and get rid of myths, it is necessary to develop a plan of action, generating efficiency savings skills.

First of all, it is necessary to adjust their thoughts on what the money saved - it is not money, consciously derived from the use to which it would be possible buy a lot of good. This is exactly the kind of money that, in the long run and are currently.

Name them - Investing.
When planning a budget, it is necessary to put the first line of home Investing Program revenues and expenses.

How many put it off?

Various economic sources, advisers recommend sending in savings amounting to 5-30 percent of the family income. If revenues are high, 30% - the optimal amount.

Another 10 - the so-called "reserve". This money can be spend, but only for unforeseen needs of the family. And further. Investing - a regular process, ie, it is necessary to postpone the planned amount each month, no matter what happens.

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Table savings and savings

To learn how to save, save and invest, you should make for yourself a simple table.
Here is one example of money accumulation table:


1. Set a clear goal. Save "just so" for a long time will not work. There is always a good reason to complete the process of accumulation and spend all saved. Buying a home, car, education, travel - the brighter and more desirable goal, the easier it will save.
2. Set a time frame. Once the goal is achieved - saving stops. Before determining the next target.
3. Clear calculation of the required amount. For example, if you need to rest three thousand three hundred euros, and save the project time - year, month be delayed 3300: 11 = 300 euros. The twelfth month - holiday to spend it!
4. If the accumulation of multiple objectives, it is necessary to properly set priorities. What -pervoocherednaya on what savings are deducted on a residual basis.
5. Accounting - a top aide in controlling costs and investing.

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Keep a record not so difficult in the table appears. Indicative spending plan will look like this:

Revenues: 30,000 rubles plus - 40 000 rubles. Total - 70 thousand.

The savings (investment) per month send 10% - 7000 rubles.

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How to save money in the family

As a rule, immediately after the formation of a new unit of society candy-flower period in young couples fades into the background and the couple have to face domestic problems first. Chief among them - the formation of the total capital and the rational use of funds.

Sometimes catalysts such innovations are: the emergence of a joint child, the need to help parents, extended family or friends. Therefore, the recommendations on how to learn to save the family budget, but so to please everyone, are especially in demand among citizens regardless of income level.

Classification of the family budget

Before you save the family budget you will need to determine its type correctly. And only then you can proceed to the practical implementation of these plans.

So, family budgets are the following types:

  1. General - when family members earned money form a corporate foundation, where all expenses are made, without exception, taking into account the wishes of each investor.
  2. Partial - spouses form the budget to collective needs, while leaving himself money for personal expenses.
  3. Separate - fixed specific costs for each of the parties. For example, someone pays for utilities, and someone produces a set of product purchase.
  4. Authoritarian - one family member has a right to dispose of the common categorical money.

Important! Regardless of the above type of budget, which is characteristic for your family, keep control of income and expenditure is only necessary due to the introduction of collective responsibility. Alternatively, you can spend precious time wasted, and without achieving the desired results.

conducting family budget principles

Rule №1: distribute the money wisely
Before you plan to get some income: wages, interest on the deposit, sale of assets, it is important to compile a list of payments that you need to make in the first place - the repayment of loans, the formation of savings, debt for utility services, payment mobile phone, TV, internet, etc.

Also here you can include the cost of raising children and support for parents, if you are, of course, burdened with those costs. Remember that the main your task is not in learning how to save the family budget, and how to properly distribute the money, not to stay with the nose.

Rule №2: be prepared for unplanned spending
every month you save money, not less than 10% of the salary for unforeseen expenses. Try not to go beyond the established framework, but to save on everything also not an option, you can become a miser in the eyes of relatives and friends. For this reason, impulse purchases are sometimes very much out of place.

Rule №3: to prioritize
There are things, which in any case it is impossible to save, for example, health and safety, but from exotic dishes and delicacies can be dispensed with.

Rule №4: avoid conflicts

Do not engage in conflicts about the wisdom of spending money. Joint reproaches much harm trust and very often lead to concealment of income of a spouse.

It is therefore much more productive to solve disputes in a family council. And if her husband needed money to repair the car, then give him the necessary sum.

But with the proviso that he would go for the purchase of kitchen utensils or something the next time its share still.


By the way, in the forums and thematic resources devoted to conflict resolution, experts give specific examples and preventive mechanisms as well as the express authorization of domestic conflicts. Because definitely take the time to this issue.

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