I am in the decree to help nobody / no money to pay for loans

Hello. My name is Eugene, I am from Tyumen. I am on maternity leave, raising a son. It so happens that there is no one to help me at all, and the money is not enough, and loans are not going anywhere and they need to pay. Many think that it was necessary to think a head, but when he took thought and the situation was different.

I understand that people are looking for help in the treatment of disease and more serious problems, but I believe that will help me. I do not sit idly by, I knit soft toys and try to sell them, but very few orders. I beg for your help and support. I was just desperate and fearful thoughts are crawling in the head, a smile saves only son. My Account Instagramm @pipishoka. Map Savings Bank 4276 6700 3217 9243. Help.

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