I ask Spring for mom

Hello dear subscribers. Please help you, help my mom to see this spring, breathe a breath of fresh air to be able to walk with her down the street. I live in Russia with her son, work, prepare documentation on the sly. I myself am from Ukraine from Kramatorsk Donetsk region.

Four years ago, I have left here, did not maintain the nervous system is more my house was destroyed, and the city was delivered, I came to Russia to try to start all over, to amass first. Two years ago, the doctors said: "The nervous system of your mom has malfunctioned, a malignant tumor, breast cancer." And poneslos- Hospital, tests, surgery, radiation, and endless rehabilitation medicine.

I'm here, earning, in Kramatorsk with her mother, son in Russian studies. My sister has two children and her husband died a year ago. Together as a squirrel in a cage and trying to make time everywhere, but nothing we pulled all. And my mother could not get out of bed in the morning ... and it started all over again in November 2017. I took holiday here in Kramatorsk, the hospitals.

As we were refused admission without an MRI, because of earlier diagnosis and writes to the queue in two months. We paid in two more, which would make for a week. Mom recumbent, unable even to sit, strong pain, treatment, and diagnosis is not assigned, and soon refused to deliver and pick up (take away only for hospitalization and go back or not, himself, even crawling, this law).

Diagnoz metastases in vertebrae, hormones and the treatment results are not given, there is no calcium in the body, will not walk, can not be over the age of chemistry, radiation only if it can stand up again, and the time she had three months ... give it all up, why you need it to help heal and cure and can not - that's all I heard from the doctors, but the word money, money, money.

Zoltra for kaltsiya- 1800 UAH alone in 21 days, a hormone new 2000 UAH, droppers for the heart, for krovi..zheludok, intestines, liver, kidneys, analgesics. In the hospital we did not put, it makes no sense, others need to be saved. To radiation in a taxi drove back and forth, the same places are not for us. All done at home, and the doctor came - give money, blood nurse taking Dai, drip drip-forbid, an injection-dai.

Mom got up three or four steps done, radiation broke down, just barely survived intoxication (of which doctors are silent). We fight on, not three months as the doctors predicted, but financially exhausted. With the work I quit completely, with her mother constantly need to be there, once she rose and fell, now generally afraid to move away from it, if it is broken then it all, not srastetsya not heal.

I asked for help from different organizations, deputies, helped - "Your one-time assistance is 500 UAH." It is spring, and I understand that it can last in my mother's life, her apathy, appetite is very bad. Get up, go outside and breathe fresh air, to escape from the pain, just greens, grass to see what can not.

I weigh 43 kg, and even physically can not bring my mother into the street without a wheelchair. The house has become to crumble before our eyes, shed collapsed, the wind from the attached part of the house blew off the roof, the chimney began to crumble .. arbor in the yard I would like to make a covered, which would put a bed-chair and my mother that it was possible to bring to the air.

Whatever she wanted to continue to live, that would see the beauty around again and began to fight ... so want to live my mother and smiled again. If someone can help me financially or in Ukraine Kramatorsk somehow provide us with the pram, I am immensely grateful to you! In advance thank you all. This is my Qiwi Wallet 79604673293.

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