I climbed into a pile of debt / last hope to help good people

1. I work in a children's home, the salary of 7,000 thousand. Rubles a month, raising a nephew, we live in a studio apartment. Over the past two years, I got into a heap of debt. The child can not pay for meals at school because I can not get to the mother was deprived of maternity rights. On the child did not get, I do not pay for communal past six months.

Just tired of fighting on hlebushek barely enough. I beg you, please, help manage the situation. Plus another took credit, not pay as salary 7000. Why our government does not want to help such as we are, I do not know. On your knees getting in front of you, please. 2202200229069016.

2. The last hope for the help of good people. I never thought that I would be in such a way to ask for help, but you can see life is. My wife and I with Donbass, came to Moscow to earn money to repair the house. Month worked, a salary cheated, did not think that 52 years from me is going to happen. Now the debt for an apartment, the wife was unwell, even on tablets do not have money to go home, no money for the trip. That earned, I do not know what to do. I hope to help good people walk on the road 5000rubley. Very hard, God forbid this to anyone. My savings bank card number 4276400076072124. 

3. I had to seek the help of the Internet, good people please help. I am a mother of many children bringing up five children myself, my husband left us when he found out that the youngest brain disease hydrocephalus. All this time I dragged myself, the daughter from the hospital to the hospital at the expense of living we do not have, had accumulated a pile of debt.

At home I have sold everything that is possible, collectors come home, frightened children, the children have become jittery due to the fact that constantly shout and beat heavily on the door. I'll ask the good people help who than can, food and things, diapers need to number 5, even though the money for 10 rubles., But it will help us card number 4149 6258 06698138. 

Help my sister money 4. Hello, good people! My name is Irina. I appeal to you from a hopeless situation. My sister's a very difficult situation. Bank unilaterally terminated the mortgage agreement due to existing debt. It is necessary to pay 1million 41 thousand rubles. Otherwise, the bank put the house up for sale. And they have seven years to pay for it.

Sister works two jobs. Her husband practically out from behind the wheel, is a taxi driver, as in age anywhere else can not get. But funds are sorely lacking, besides there are still many mortgage loans, they climbed again by hopelessness. They have 4 months live without light. Save only that they live in a private home.

I told them financially, too, can not help, because most mortgages and a lot of credit. Please help, very much ask. Sister does not know that I have made this request. I give the number of your card, as it accounts arrested VISA 4276 8500 5909 2657 Details are on vatsap 89990581706. Fraudsters do not call, the money will not translate.

5. Hello, my name is Alexander. I am 22 years old. Very ashamed to ask you for help, but there were circumstances. I am currently in Moscow to work. Ponabrali loans to help the mother and brother of a disabled person with cerebral palsy. Stupid money is not even enough to pay off the interest. But to live on what is necessary. I need financial help to change their place of work and not stay at the same time on the street. Just 20,000 I help out. Very I beg you, help me. I did not do it. My phone number is 89853095945.

6. Dear benefactor! My name is Michael, I got into a difficult situation. I grew up and was raised in an orphanage. With the release of the children's home were settled in fixed me a room, get me on the late father with public debt to boot. Encouraged, I went to work and tried to extinguish the debt consistently, and can still be turned, but was laid off.

Stood on the account of labor exchanges, the benefit is not the salary only enough to buy food, have accumulated debts snowballed. Alas, I now for communal in debt. Hoping for your large, open and generous heart and hope to receive your contribution. Map: 5536 9137 5008 0034 Thank you in advance for your help. I wish you peace and prosperity. I believe and hope that your hand will always do the works of mercy and compassion.

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