Request for help in difficult situation

Request for help in difficult situation

  1. Request for help. I live with my mother, she was an invalid without legs, a very small salary. Help to buy a new prosthesis mother. Yandex-Money, 410,015,497,511,907 purse.
  2. Help pay the micro-loans, a single mother of a son who is in the first class, in order to collect it took 5 micro-loans totaling 90,000 rubles. I work in a kindergarten for the salary of 9,000 rubles, growing interest, I can not pay. It left 65,000 rubles, card number 5469 0700 1789 4987.
  3. Please help in the loan payment in the amount of 360,000 rubles to Sberbank. Due to the difficult situation in life. Please help - № cards Savings Bank 5469 3800 3854 2089. Thank you in advance.

Difficult life situation, please help

  1. Please help, got into a very difficult situation in life, I am a mother of two children, what can help us. Card number 481760065681144.
  2. A lot of people who have a desperate situation! And then it is already possible to rely only on themselves. From my husband, too, he was gone, left with a pile of debts and child. Nowhere to go and I have no relatives. She grew up in an orphanage. If someone helped. Map Help 413181702930414. penny though.
  3. Hello. In May, our family house burnt, documents and things. We live together with friends in the bath, the father of a disabled group 1 receives a small pension. I work for a small salary, money for the restoration of the house, we gather not. If you can help financially wake up very grateful to you! Sberbank card number 546962001116559.
  4. There is no life on loans and debts, all deny assistance. Take away our house, we are already 60 years old. We wander through Siberia removing the housing 5 years. Forces have no way to live. Maybe you can help us believers, but who can? My number 89233520187 - a map of the Savings Bank. Pensionka 63900231. 9027266979. Thanks to all who help us survive.
  5. Good day, I write all as it is. I will not conceal anything and lie like some charlatans. Lacks me some money for the tickets to go to his uncle. In our region, a small salary, a long time dream 10 years to go, but unfortunately not always enough money. That's decided to ask your friends. I do not have much, who can help the little ticket. Thank you all for your help in advance. Card Number: 427670025734301.
  6. Hello! I would like to ask for help to travel to their child, we are very far from each other and there is no opportunity to meet her! Thank you for attention. Account 4276550050595837.
  7. Hello need help with money. I want to buy a property, please help, I need to pay urgent loans 2000. I am a single mother, children get 290. Here 63900226902609899 expense.

Please help to buy housing

  • I live in the wife of the family, we have 30 square meters. meters huddles 10 people, I have 2 children, his brother's wife, too, the two who did not understand anything due to the fact that their mother adjusts them against me and my children. not to go to that safe place. I'm learning to live means a spouse, who also have no strength to pull all. Please help our family, please purchase their homes. I want to have my family stay, this situation has been going on for 5 years, the house was built of course, but the funds are not sufficient. Thank you in advance!
  • Help, whether weasel, as much as they can. Was created a desperate situation, it is necessary to pay for the loan and put two children to school. I beg of despair. Map of Alfa Bank 2625700487746.
  • Hello! Please help with the purchase of an apartment. Did not get back on its feet, it is sorely lacking money to his corner. I want to marry and have children, but without their property in any way. He worked in the north, lost health. Now I interrupt jobs. Good people, answer. Please help to create a family. My card Savings Bank 5336 6900 6448008. Thank you in advance!
  • Hello. I ask you for help. I now live in Moscow, and with the US came from the Khabarovsk Territory. I worked in construction, but they stopped paying, and since I'm not a local, I rented accommodation, and it is not cheap. Now retired from the work. I beg you to support me at least 10,000 rubles, or as you can. I will be very grateful. My purse Yandex 41001550052931.
  • Hello, please help I have two children. The youngest child should be surgery, but before the surgery because we were born seven-month, and a blood transfusion was necessary to pass the tests they cost 1750 USD. What medications to surgery may not know until you sell tests can not go, do not do in your city, I want to go to Kiev. Please help, no money, child benefit for one child, and the mother of two herself, who can help. Map Privat Bank 5168555 19646620.
  • Good day to all. I ask for help, too. Although something is hard to believe that anyone interested in the problem of people like me. But you never know? I was in a cash-strapped situation. I am not going to invent stories. But the truth is, very much needed money to pay off debt. Maybe the world is not without good people? The card is linked to phone 89,531,773,461.
  • Hello! I am a single mom, and I need your help. I live in a rented apartment with her three children. School, kindergarten. I just do not pull. I want to buy a house under the mat. capital, but it is not enough! 00000 rubles. If anyone can help here, please help! Thank you very much in advance. RNCB 220002020006205. Crimea.
  • I am ashamed to write, but no longer apply to anyone, this is the last chance. Six months ago, I was in a serious car accident, suffered severe pelvic fracture in both legs, underwent several operations. Healing is going very slowly, go hard, work does not have the opportunity. I am a dependent of the beloved woman who herself suffers from heart disease. And age makes itself felt, we were 50 years old. Means of existence is almost no way that this is the last chance. We live in a hostel in the city of Rostov, Yaroslavl region. It is the only person who has not thrown me. Account in Sberbank 67628077909190878.
  • Hello, got into a difficult situation, sick children, there is no opportunity to go to work, t.k.rabotayu informally, a medical certificate is not available. Married with two children in a rented apartment, please help to pay 20,000 rubles. We live in the Nizhny Novgorod region, the city Shahunya. Please help, very afraid to stay on the street. There are situations in life that the problems can not be solved alone, so I'm writing here. Thank you for understanding, card number 4817 7600 9356 9998. 
  • Winter steel legs go bad, I thought old age. At the hospital, an ultrasound showed clogging of the arteries on both legs. The life of a small, addressed later. Help the youth to see the city where he was born, educated, married. I'd like to. Mail:

I ask for financial assistance to pay loans

  • Help please, never asked for help myself get out. But this time, I ask you for financial assistance to 30,000 rubles. Loans to pay for and collect the school. card number 4276 6800 1433 8147 Savings Bank. Thank you in advance.
  • Hello, I am 32 disabled, 3 g - cleft palate. I need surgery, help with money. Sber.karta 4817 7600 3717 0432.
  • I got into a difficult situation. We took out a loan in the winter, had a job, always paid all missing. Who fired from their jobs, no money even for food. I am a single mother with two children. Work with us in the village no. I ask for help, to collect daughter to school and little cover debts for the loan. Thank you all in advance. My card number 4276 4600 1800 3199.
  • Good afternoon. We need help in the media, almost no options to promptly pay off debt. It was your business on the Grid. services partner tightly framed. The wife of the 4th month of pregnancy, she should not be nervous, but do not have time to earn and pay. The situation is extremely difficult, very great psychological pressure. In response to help than I can, I can work out, etc. I am ready to consider any offers. Map 4377 7237 4426 6812 Tinkoff.
  • Good afternoon! It is a shame to handle, but it is necessary. I got in a difficult situation after the decree can not get a job. Got into debt, you need 70,000 rubles. Please help someone who can. Please do not blame because in life there are all sorts of difficult situations. Sberbank 5484014008361201.
  • I am 58 years old. In March 2011, - a hip fracture. Osteosynthesis. On the operating table, the first signs, later confirmed the diagnosis - Parkinson's disease. Regional drug benefits. The last six months interruption. Pension 10000 rubles, 3600 -.. Kom.uslugi, bodies, at least 3,500 is spent on drugs. In an effort to raise funds for treatment and replenish its budget in binary options "Olympus trade" has failed. Now I sit with absolutely no money, got into debt, I want to work, but does not allow the diagnosis. Please help to pay off debts.
  • I came from Ukraine to visit his son, disaster struck the son got in an accident in the hospital, very damaged right leg, after leaving work at least a year can not. Housing takes no money to pay, I was left a bit, but only to feed her son and most have nothing to eat. Those people whose fault the accident happened promised to help, but do not help. Where to go for help, I do not know. Botayske live in, do not know anyone, no friends, relatives, too. Please help good people.

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