Who will free money without credit

1. Hello. I do not know how to ask, but our family got into a difficult situation. I am 39 years old, and her husband 41 and we have two children, a son 10 years and daughter 12 years, but that was a misfortune in our family my husband had a massive heart attack, and the second occurred the following year.
Everything was fine, we were both working, kept the economy. But now I work alone and wages 9000. I can not cope, it is very difficult. I know that there are worse people to live, but I'm trying. Who will free money, without credits. My card number is: 2202 2002 0138 0233.

2. I appeal to you for help. This year is very much what has happened. In February, a son, he was at that time 17 years almost committed suicide. He lost in the game, "Blue Whale", then rehabilitation. Then my husband fell in May from a height, broke his collarbone and ribs 6.
With all these events gained credits for 80,000 rubles. I know that you will condemn me, but there was no way. And now we must pay for loans and the school to collect a little in the second class. Beg you to help, you need 30,000 rubles, I beg you. Here is the card number 4276 6800 1433 8147. Thank you in advance.

Difficult situations

3. Hello. Appeals to you mother of many children who find themselves in difficult situations. Public housing, we do not give, and removable flat takes away almost all the money is. But I can not afford to stay on the street with the children, and therefore give almost anything.

Child benefits are categorically not enough for you to feed the children (youngest child every day, buy three liters of milk Now it is time to collect the older old son to school:. Dress, shoes and buy school supplies, and where to find the money, I do not know the state only promises. but, unfortunately, no action is taken.
Please help me out of despair Can there exists a good heart to help card number:.. I will be glad 639002359008295241 any amount thankful in advance, with great respect to all..

4. Good afternoon. I never thought that I would ask, but it is better to ask than to steal. I understand that people have much bigger problems, but when there is no one to help with debts, quietly sliding into the pit do not want to. Many debts, and debts must be repaid, but nothing!
I'm 51, in life nothing really happened, all dead relatives, and her husband do not have 10 years. Immediately went out and ran down the various problems that relatives do not talk because they have nothing to please. I live with my son, and I would not interfere with him, I never thought that at that age you think about a place in the cemetery, but I can not - I have two cats and a dog.
Here we are together as a living, but sometimes want to think about the debts that have dropped and they are many. If help is great, but if not, I know that there are people even more destitute.

Unable to pay loans

5. Good afternoon! Found itself in a difficult situation, I took out a loan to pay'll be able to think, and here was due to the reduction of the fired and I can not get anywhere else 2 month. Nothing to pay, loan went fine, and so a call from the bank saying, if you do not pay until the end that will give the case to court. And in the hands of my little baby. Mom sick, the father is not, what can help. Maps no Russian can contact me at e-mail and tell kostyuschko.elena@yandex.ru address to send.

6. Good afternoon! My husband and I have for many years engaged in manufacturing custom-made furniture. For expansion needed money, they got into debt. Now the situation is such that we pay on loans, but it is very difficult because of the prohibitive percent (from 23 to 700 percent per year), which tear up the microfinance organization.
All contracts on loans can provide. What we are looking for? Secured a man who will take us 4 million., And we will give him the furniture to furnish any home or office, is not yet completely settled. Furniture that we do is always individually and accurately. We do any furniture from the array has its own paint shops.
Help us not to drown in debt. We work seven days a week for three weeks and it's still barely meet deadlines, and so much more I want to do in life besides work. We will be very grateful for your understanding. Mail: virnyyyevgen@yandex.ru.

7. Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is Marina, I'm 46 years old, I am an ordinary nurse. I ask you, if anyone can help please write to a stranger. About your situation and tell you personally decide to help me or not themselves. I only hope for a miracle. My mail marina.starsena@gmail.com. Sincerely, Marina.

8. I know it makes no sense to ask, but all the same try. I am 40 years old live in Sakhalin, family no one works as a watchman, the salary of 10,000 rubles. But this is not the most important, 4 years ago suffered an injury, fracture of the pelvic part of the body, left leg is now running at 50%. The operation is denied, say difficult, said Sakhalin do not, you can in Khabarovsk, but the charge is from 300000-350000 rubles. This amount does not lift for me. Thanks in advance. Yandex purse 410,015,247,838,393.

Not enough money for life

9. calls for help, do not have enough of 25,000 rubles for the study and for life. I have 4 children and therefore do not have enough money: 3 go to school, who can thank you in advance. Here is my account 42307810902350035006.

10. Guys really do not have enough money to study, no one to help me unfortunately. I am 23 years, I work, but still not enough even for the costs will be very grateful to you. Mail yak.dimasik8410@gmail.com.

11. Good evening, I of course hard to say, but nothing to feed the baby, her year. Worked until last month, now just do not leave someone's daughter, is not there anyone. Banks simply overpowered, not even come to the phone, tired of saying that there is no money now. Of course I understand that there is someone who lives worse, but I have all the limit.
Hands down, was twice a suicide, thank God, everything worked out, but do not know how to explain to her daughter that she simply has nothing to feed on the job now, too, there is no way to get out. I am a single mother, my father, too, does not help us anything, mom immediately said that this is my problem, of course, I do not refuse them, but who would have known that I am forty years I will again mom, and by this time will be a loan. 

12. Hello, please help. Please help, I am a mother of two sons, her husband passed away, it does not help, the eldest son is now in September to go to school. It is necessary to collect it in school, and the youngest in the garden should be collected. I stayed on two loans, the total amount of 389 thousand rubles to pay absolutely nothing.
Work, wash the dishes, bailiffs calculate the part of the salary, it remains 6800 rubles per month, it is very little. Please help if you can repay the loans. I want to live peacefully and to ensure children. All I can confirm the documents. Card number 4276 6300 1240 2403.

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