Please help for mom

Hello. Please help for my mom. She lives in the village Menzhinsky in the house into four apartments. A fire broke out May 24, 2018. Fire started in a neighboring apartment, leaving burned the roof, the walls, in my mother's apartment through burnouts, collapsed ceiling.

Help from the administration waited all summer, there were asked to select only 20,000 This money is not enough to replace the roof, walls and ceilings. Apart from minor repairs, which will have to do anyway. My mother 65 years, a small pension, my husband and I are raising two young foster children 3 and 5 years. We can not rebuild the house at his own expense.

We hope for your help and support. We would be grateful to anyone who does not remain indifferent to our trouble. Mom is very worried and constantly ill, as was left without a home. Here is the number of its cards Savings Bank: 4817 7601 1672 1121 Tatiana losifovna Sh or account passbook 42307.810.7.5406.2536266 number.

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