Please help repay loans

I ask for your help

Please help repay loansHello good people! I ask for your help! Not when it is not thought that so I will ask for help, but one I can not do it. Foolishly got into the loans on top handle thought but now I understand that there is, trying to extinguish the loans but live almost no choice but to begin to grow the debt for utility services.

The balance of credits (currently 6 credits) totaling 1.2 million rubles. I know that he is to blame for this situation, and it will be a lesson for the future. Thanks to all who helped. Savings card number Sberbank: 4276 6700 1785 9389.

I can not pay the loan

1. to seek help. The loan can not pay, it left 40,000 rubles and did, some hospitals and surgery. Please help, it is necessary to 40,000 rubles. This year, 5 hospitals 2 surgery on the arteries of the legs. Underlying disease - diabetes, group 2 disability. The pension is 9800 rubles, not enough to live on. Age 65 years, I can not work. I beg your help, I was younger than herself cope, but now there is no strength and health. Map 4854 6302 3446 4603.

I am trying to work quietly and to give

2. To request financial assistance as something not necessary. Debts of more than 700,000 rubles. Trying to work quietly to give, it did not work. He worked in a taxi, the car loan and the arrest or indeed kapets. Got to the construction site, the salary of 50,000 rubles, but not for long, the company was soon damped. The total amount - the debts in the aggregate, but do not give to live, what to say restless sleep. If miracles happen here, it means more good is stronger than evil and it pleases. Maybe I met my Guardian Angel. My mail.

I took a micro loan for utilities

3. Do not left exit, how to apply here. We need an amount of 20,000 rubles. I took a micro loan to pay for public services and in general could not find the amount for his redemption. Please help though, would be the return of good people. I hope for the understanding of others, because really no place to even ask, loved left. I am 22 years, respond somebody call Vitali. 89635161405 phone that allows you to contact me

I am writing to you from Kazakhstan

4. Good afternoon. I am writing to you from Kazakhstan. I do not know where to turn for pomoschyu.U I have no husband, he died, a single mother of doch.Poluchayu for the loss of a breadwinner. But money is not enough at all. Salary 45,000 tenge. Loan pay 32,000 tenge, 12,000 tenge communal. The loan can not pay. Very hard. If it is necessary I will show all the documents. Credit 310000 tenge. To me, this amount is very large.

If the Russian is just 60,000 rubles. Tearfully beg help. Then I can handle myself. The loan does not give me rest. All questions write. I answer. Evidence skins. Respond please, desperate situation. And I still have to raise the baby, wear, and most importantly feed. If anyone needed by strip off write to the PM. Thank rodnenky. My number is 87052177437 vattsap. 

Even before the birth took a loan

5. We live with my daughter alone. Even before the birth took the credit, he wanted to arrange a little room to buy everything you need. To my daughter was at least at a minimum when we get back from the hospital. Soon his daughter three years. I paid by the schedule that has been set. I thought I can handle, but I had more for something to eat and live. Now I have 350 thousand.

What do I do not know, I think about it constantly. Soon my daughter will go to the garden. I want to get while the courier to make a buck. I ask you, if it is real and true, help me get out of this hole. I know miracles do not happen, but if you can help please. Map Savings Bank (5336 6900 6728 2998). I will be glad for any coin. A little bit and typed a bit.

 6. Husband reduced from work just before the holidays. We have a little child to him for 2 years. We live in the country in the Kaluga region since we have no other housing. Sadiq is not here, to drive to the child, and the most to go to work. It is not possible to leave with grandparents on their health.

The child already knows how to talk and often wondered what it will bring Santa Claus. Even husband schlock taksovat, the other day, and due to snow got into an accident, not a serious skidded into a concrete chipper, but the car is no longer on the move. So now even taksovat can not.

Please help with money for a holiday and car repairs. Without a car it will be very difficult because to the nearest village with shops and pharmacies 30 km. Thanks in advance, card number 5547 5969 2612 9111.

I am in a very difficult situation

Help, I'm in a very difficult situation. I'm on disability group, to anyone can happen. Ill. Husband immediately dropped. Disability pension could not get done until a residence permit. Had nothing to live, I could barely get out of bed.
No relatives, and the documents had to be done and to make a living. There was no means of livelihood. I climbed into debt, now with a little retirement pay debts. I buy medication and to life there is nothing left but a long time for comments. services.
Took some credit, I thought easier, but there is so much counted, I do not know how to go on living. If anyone can help Card 4817760033221429. Phone + 7-982-936-72-74.

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Нужны финансы на лечение

Хотел обратиться к Вам за помощью. Необходимы финансы в размере 150 тыс.рублей на операцию по восстановлению слуха. Если не затруднит, поддержите пожалуйста финансово по возможности, буду Вам очень благодарен за любую оказанную помощь. Мои реквизиты: яндекс деньги 410011848287059, сбербанк 4276 1000 1353 0099. Спасибо.

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