Redeem a micro loan. I worked informally rented accommodation

1. Hello, My name is Anastasia, I'm 25 years old. I have two small children 2 and 3 years old. I am very ashamed to address here, but is no longer anyone to ask for help. I had the unpleasant situation, her husband lost his job and I have to feed their children took 3 micro loan.

It's two months of 55,000 rubles, and told her husband that her mother lent a couple of months. Time is now coming, and pay nothing, know that lying is very bad, but I can not tell her husband. It is generally pipets excuse the expression, to its credit, too, hanging in 200 million.

And if I would add to it the problems I'm afraid that he will not stand, it is very difficult. I beg you, help to close the micro loans do not even know what to do. 4276720991063548 savings bank.

2. It may be those who have a house or any property suitable for living. Suddenly, people do not want to live there, with or without repair. I would have turned the order there is possible without the gift, but the very long term. It so happened that I had never had his corner, children's home, then went to work, marry, and then divorce.

There is a child of 13 years, all these years removable housing, years go, I'm 50 years old. Not drinking, my entire adult life working. Lyudmila.

3. I worked informally rented accommodation. Damaged spine, while the work can not, for housing debt accumulated. Soon the street kicked out. Nothing I do not pay, the informal work. I am an orphan, the parents I have. I do not help anyone, no close relatives, distant relatives and themselves live badly.

Authorities do not help just unsubscribe. Social protection in general said they do not have such a program. Their homes have no. I live with my daughter. People help! 639002069068020799 card number.

4. I will try to explain the situation briefly. I have a niece, parents are not alive, she had three children, the eldest 17 years old, average 14 years old, the youngest 13 years old. A single mother, helping to raise children, but very hard. Apartments do not have, no economy. If anyone can help, help financially very uncomfortable asking the card number 2202200161653967.

5. Help to find housing 5. The house I rented, offered for sale, and I do not move much and not at all to rent a house. In the house where I live now I pay only the light and look, but the owner put up for sale a house. Already people come looking. I have a small child and I have no one to turn to. I am a normal person, always work and support herself.

During pregnancy, I have 7 months, there was a thrombosis of the lower extremities, made an urgent Caesarean, a month, I could not get up, his left leg was twice right. For the three months made four operations. Medications are very expensive, so I am treated with herbs.

Work now still can not, can not stand for long and long stay. If you want I can send all records from the hospital. Please, if you have the opportunity to help. Here is my card number 4276590010096955 Sberbank.

6. No power to live any longer. Tortured debts. Help to come out of debt. I have 3 small children need money please help. Yandex purse 410017253167740.

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