Good people help please

People kind, help please. I have a big request to you. To only I did not write, but to no avail. I come from Dagestan, is divorced and has three children, I live in Makhachkala, in a rented apartment, the father not how it helps children. I left her husband with a large debt and children's clothing bags, I swear by God, there was nothing else, even a fork.

What would you get out of debt had to take a loan of the given, but then could not cope with credit, apartment rental, feed the children, debts .... again again require anyone who must, one, and so they gave me a percentage. Not where it was to take, again reached into microloans now even. A huge percentage, especially microloans. Two weeks without work, but promise soon.

And debt is not given, because and so all must, I have avoided all. I do not know where to go. No strength left no tears ... I ask you to help me. People who need to be here and now, and in the banks of delay, call threatened. I can provide all the documents, to meet in person, all show, to prove ... 89882737216 \ 4276.6000.3862.3167

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