Please help, please the family to find your own home

It's all about my brother, his name is Sasha, he is now 22 years old, his wife's name is Nadya, she's 24, they have a beautiful daughter named Alisa, who will turn 7 tomorrow. 3 years ago, Sasha, had an accident, and now three years later he practically recovered. There are minor shortcomings, he can not walk now, he has another operation ahead of him, I can not look at my brother.
Because he struggles to get out of this state, but unfortunately, so far, all attempts are futile. The bottom line is, I do not want to ask you for money for an operation. The bottom line is that I want to ask you for some financial support in terms of the fact that they have nowhere to live with their daughter, they interrupted relatives, but you will not live there for long.
They have accumulated a small amount of money and they are missing just a little, compared to what they have accumulated. From relatives, from parents, those who are alive, as gifts for a wedding and for the birth of a daughter. In general, and so now is not mediocre to the point. I saw how the guys are living now, under what conditions. There cockroaches, mold and in general narco and alco stash.
Agree for a young child is not the best conditions. Sasha himself is an invalid of the second group, Nadya is in the decree, the parents of both live far away. Help and so who than can. I've been thinking why not take the money on credit, but they do not give me, Sasha will not be given either, Nadia already has one loan after the paid operation.
In general, the guys for the years of their joint life have accumulated about 475 thousand, the minimum adequate room in a brick house in our city costs from 600 thousand rubles. The guys have their own refrigerator, TV, microwave and even a blender, but do you agree that you would put all these things in a drench? Dormitory with cockroaches?
If you do not mind, if you can help, then please help them move to a normal room, even if they are in a kopeck piece. As for me so it's enough already with the guys outmoded they are already in their dorm rooms, it's time to equip your dwelling. Its own, and not to pay a lot of money for renting rooms is not clear in what conditions.
I really hope for a positive response and that my arguments will suffice. I'm ready to return everything to the penny, and I think the guys will join me too, not at once, of course, but gradually, because I work at home. In general, the links to their pages, I can throw you off at the very first request, and so there are two cards of the Savings Bank.
There is a wallet purse with which I have no idea how to transfer money, so it's better to be on the card, of course. But just in case, here you are, please, a purse number, it is designed for Sasha. P1001684896, the card number of Sasha 6762 8004 9047 99 2354, and Nadia 4276 0400 1442 0603. Thank you very much for your attention, for understanding and for help and support, let it be spiritual for now. If that's what you are, the usual photo is not an ordinary family.

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